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Perfectly Not Perfect #txeduchat w/ hosts @JenaiaMorane and @martysnowpaw

  1. Welcome to #txeduchat tonight! Let's start with introductions. Tell us who you are and what you teach...
  2. #TXeduchat Here we go!!! Join us to talk about "Perfect is NOt an Option!"
  3. Michael from Columbus, OH - watching the game and planning for my week - middle division teacher! #txeduchat
  4. We use the Q1: A1: format for questions and answers And... don't forget to include the hashtag #txeduchat
  5. Pre Chat A: Perfect is not an option = never settle for what may seem "perfect"... There is always room for improvement! #txeduchat
  6. Katrina Keene Dir of Innovation Chattanooga, TN Happy to B here! :) #TXeduchat
  7. I hear that DirectTV has lost the feed for the #superbowl so we may see more teachers on #txeduchat tonight due to that little issue.
  8. Travis Jordan - Superintendent Griggs County Central in Cooperstown ND #TXeduchat
  9. I tell my students "practice makes permanent." Perfection equals pressure; let them know they're here to learn and it takes time #TXeduchat
  10. @Tom_Kilgore #TXeduchat How boring life would be if we reached perfection - snooooore.
  11. Hello! Nicole from @NetZeroLee in Coppell, TX. I teach 4th grade, self-contained #TXeduchat
  12. Hi there #txeduchat. Connie Hamilton from snowy Michigan. Curriculum Director, Principal, and Classroom Questioning Consultant.
  13. Susan Bearden, Tech Director, Melbourne FL, popping in during our Super Bowl party #TXeduchat Go Pats!
  14. @Supt_Jordan Welcome Travis. It's an honor to have you with us tonight on #txeduchat We hope your teachers join us too!
  15. @kristinransom Great view Kristin, that we should help Ss always seek to better themselves! #txeduchat
  16. Christine from the Sunshine Coast, BC Canada. Math educator, doctoral student, and school trustee. Great topic tonight. #Txeduchat
  17. It takes a long time to unlearn "perfection model." Better to teach each child perfect is not an option - early! #TXeduchat @JenaiaMorane
  18. Tonight's hosts are @JenaiaMorane and @martysnowpaw and we are chatting about "Perfect is not an Option" #txeduchat
  19. @kristinransom yes! Exchange the 'work for an A' mindset with a growth mindset! #txeduchat
  20. @JenaiaMorane @Tom_Kilgore Let's mentor and grow learners. Keep raising the bar and I'll continue to impress you! #txeduchat
  21. @Supt_Jordan Welcome Travis, great to have your voice/views on the topic tonight! #txeduchat
  22. #Txeduchat Jena Ball, perfectly Not Perfect rabble rouser and maker of Not Perfect Hats tweeting in from NC. Thank you all for joining us!
  23. @teachintechgal Welcome Katrina, thanks for joining in and adding your views tonight! #txeduchat
  24. @BSGSCSFoster Welcome back!! It is great to see you even if it is not at TCEA. #txeduchat
  25. @conniehamilton Welcome Connie - we are delighted that you are here! NO snow days for #txeduchat
  26. Multi-tasking Super Bowl and #Txeduchat please excuse pauses during great ads and exciting plays
  27. Calling in during the breaks from Kansas. I teach 2nd Grade. #TXeduchat
  28. #Txeduchat Question 1 coming up. Put on your not perfect hats ;-)
  29. Diana, EL AP, Wylie, TX. A1: your goal is always your best knowing that there is always room to grow/improve. #txeduchat
  30. #TXeduchat Q1: What’s the difference between striving for mastery and perfection?
  31. #SuperBowl @Seahawks coach smiling the whole game. Positive Attitude. Perfect teaching moment for kids! #NotPerfectHatClub #TXeduchat #txed
  32. @SmilesStephi Welcome Stephi we are delighted to have you with us on #txeduchat all the way from Perth, AUS - may win farthest from TX award
  33. A1. Well perfection is not possible, but we learn as we strive. #txeduchat
  34. Fake Q1 are we getting old or Super Bowl commercial making less & less sense? #TXeduchat #oldfolkschat
  35. @txeduchat Thank you!!! Looking forward to the chat. Glad to be back bit's been awhile. #TXeduchat
  36. #TXeduchat A1: mastery is demonstrating the ability to teach a learned skill to another. Perfection is doing something without error.
  37. A1: We can set high goals and strive to master them, but the learning is in the process - doesn't have to be perfect. #TXeduchat
  38. A1: striving for mastery looks at improvement, rather than completion. #txeduchat
  39. #txeduchat A1 Perfection is not an option for anyone... but Mastery is...
  40. A1: Mastery is achieving and then setting a new standard and striving to reach the next level of mastery. Perfection = an end #txeduchat
  41. A1 in Edu, Mastery is pre-defined. Perf is in the eye of the beholder & IMO shouldn't be "strived for"--Keep Learning & Growing #TXeduchat
  42. @JenaiaMorane A1: Perfection = not realistic goal. Mastery = realistic goal. #TXeduchat
  43. You can grow your PLN by following others in the chat tonight. #txeduchat is your community - connect and share!
  44. @JenaiaMorane A1 Striving for mastery means working through mistakes and never giving up. Perfect leaves nothing to strive for. #Txeduchat
  45. Fake A1 I can't stand it kids get in my grass. Listen here you hoods, get off my lawn #TXeduchat #oldfolkschat
  46. A1 mastery is one destination on a journey of many. Perfection is the end of the road with nothing ahead. #TXeduchat
  47. A1: Mastery = I know this well enough to teach this. Perfection = without error.master = possible. Perfection = near impossible #txeduchat
  48. A1- Seeking mastery acknowledges need for continuous growth; seeking perfection is just frustrating. #TXeduchat
  49. A1 they used to be funny - now they are strange and depressing! #TXeduchat #oldfolkschat
  50. A1: Striving is the process. Perfection is a utopia an unattainable goal. If we strive for it we can be great. #txeduchat
  51. A1: mastery of a skill means application has been achieved. Perfection though is never fully reached. #TXeduchat
  52. A1 Perfection is by and large unobtainable. Mastery can be demonstrated in a number of ways. #TxEduChat
  53. @JenHoulette #txeduchat So glad you are here tonight Jennifer... we will have better commercials...
  54. Hey guys...checking in a little late tonight. Andi...gifted ed teacher in Texas. #TXeduchat
  55. a1: I can play tic-tac-toe perfectly. It doesn't mean I have lots of skill. #txeduchat
  56. @s_bearden Did you see Katy Perrry? Tweets loved the Florida look! She is perfectly not perfect tonight! #NotPerfectHatClub! #TXeduchat
  57. @JenHoulette #TXeduchat Yes! When I look at when I learn most it's during the process not completion.
  58. A1: mastery is in the doing, the process...perfection is a judgement of the product. #txeduchat
  59. @breckq #txeduchat finding frustration while seeking perfection is all too common.
  60. A1: Mastery is being a leader with it but willing to learn more, perfection is where you are not willing to grow at it.#TXeduchat
  61. Striving for mastery is learning based. Striving for perfection is grade/positive reinforcement based. #txeduchat
  62. A1 I especially like mastery demonstrated by putting knowledge to work in a meaningful way, esp in projects. #TxEduChat
  63. @JenaiaMorane And things I've perceived to be perfect have not necessarily given me the most joy or sense of accomplishment. #TXeduchat
  64. A1 mastery - in an education sense striving to evolve, with a constant focus of evaluating & improve practice #TXeduchat
  65. A1: To me, perfection implies an endpoint and product, whereas striving for mastery implies continuity and process. #TXeduchat
  66. Striving for mastery is about growth. Emphasis on journey, not destination. #TXeduchat
  67. Mastery means a new beginning. Perfection is an ending. #txeduchat
  68. #txeduchat A1 Maybe it's cuz I'm watching the Super Bowl but can there be perfection? Soon as your best efforts hit others what?
  69. @txeduchat @JenaiaMorane A1 when people think of perfection they are usually thinking of the Sith #TXeduchat
  70. Multitasking from the Hyatt in ATX for #TCEA15 watching the Super Bowl #TXeduchat
  71. @katlalex Great thought Kathy, and leaves us to wonder about which view of "perfect" students might be striving for too! #txeduchat
  72. Mastery can be measured, while perfection is up to one's opinion #TXeduchat
  73. A1 Mastery attracts precisely because mastery eludes - Daniel Pink in Drive #TXeduchat
  74. A1: Mastery = confidence in content and relationships, but it never looks the same year to year... Perfect = not achievable. #TXeduchat
  75. A1:mastery is the struggle in the learning process... perfect discourages many from even trying. #txeduchat
  76. Striving for perfection is frustrating to those accustomed to instant gratification making the task too intimidating to try #txeduchat
  77. #txeduchat A1 Mastery is preferred. It rings true with me that adaptability and mastery go hand-in-hand. Perfection not so much.
  78. A1. Striving for perfection is unachievable. Protects one from being vulnerable... from mistakes. Mastery is understanding. #TXeduchat
  79. @eduk8r_Jared @breckq #txeduchat Rather find love of learning while gaining Mastery instead of frustration seeking perfection.
  80. A1 Holding perfection up as a goal is setting you and your students up for failure. This is not a constructive or engaging path. #TxEduChat
  81. @Supt_Jordan I love this! If you achieve mastery you can go forward on a new journey! #TXeduchat
  82. A1 perfection is isolationist while mastery is shareable #txeduchat
  83. When people think of perfection, that means the learning has ended. #TXeduchat
  84. #TXeduchat Q2: Is one person’s “perfect” the same as another’s?
  85. It may be semantics, but working towards mastery helps students understand it's okay to start small--it's process based #txeduchat
  86. @Tom_Kilgore yes, each S will have diff. Experience and version of ‘perfect’ #txeduchat
  87. @bordaz711 Which makes it a very subjective mark to strive for as well! #txeduchat
  88. #TXeduchat Have to say, perfection is painful. No way can reach it and bound to let yourself down. Bar is always set higher.
  89. #txeduchat Lurking on my phone tonight...great topic! BTW... I'm Heidi & learn w/ my kids in 5th grade!
  90. So far in the super bowl commercials, I have see some mastery, but far off from perfection #TXeduchat
  91. A1: mastery is ability to apply a skill in variety of ways while perfection is something u aim for knowing you rarely achieve it #TXeduchat
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  93. A2: it may vary. Perfection is without error. Could depend on the topic. #txeduchat
  94. A2 Of course not- This applies to all facets of life- not just Edu #TXeduchat
  95. A2: We are all unique in great ways. Everyone has a talent that needs to be found and glorified. #txeduchat
  96. A1: Mastery is doing something until you understand it even w/ errors. Perfection is expecting mastery w/out mistakes/errors. #TXeduchat
  97. A2-perfect is in the eye of the beholder, yet always seems flawed as a goal #TXeduchat
  98. A2: Absolutely not. My hubby in a blanket watching #SuperBowl is his perfect Sunday evening, but it's definitely not mine! #TXeduchat
  99. @Tom_Kilgore @katlalex I have a book I share w/ Ss called What to Do When Good Enough Isn't Good Enough - helps address this. #TXeduchat
  100. A1. Concludes there is a place, position, practice, or politic you'll not consider. Perfection is mastery of individualization. #txeduchat
  101. a2: my perfect and your perfect aren't the same. all a matter of perspective #txeduchat
  102. No, "perfect" is a very vague statement, always subject to opinion #TXeduchat
  103. A2. No perfect is the same. Who defines "perfect"? It's a myth. Keeps people in cognitive paralysis. Pay off is personal safety. #TXeduchat
  104. A2: Definitely not - "perfect" is in the eye of the beholder. #TXeduchat
  105. Look at mastery as a point of equilibrium from which disequilibrium extends to reach for more equilibrium: the learning process #TXeduchat
  106. #txeduchat A2 Geez I hope not. Pretty boring us being perfect on this ONE thing. I'll never get that promotion.
  107. #txeduchat A2: Awesome Q! Perception is reality, right? So my idea of perfect and yours may not be the same. I'm a recovering perfectionist.
  108. A2 absolutely not as we all have differing expectations and visions #TXeduchat
  109. A2: Unfortunately, what happens is people compare. That's where the growth mindset needs to kick it into gear! #TXeduchat
  110. A2: Perfection is not an attainable goal. Perfection is measured by ones own bias. Perfection is synonymous with fantasy. #txeduchat
  111. #TXeduchat A2: perfection is in the eye of the seeker...or the measuring stick of the beholder
  112. Hi, by the way, #TXeduchat, I'm Leslie from #Mty, #Mexico at the American School. I like your topic and I love the positivity of a chat!
  113. Taking a break from my studies to jump into #txeduchat Hello everyone! Sandy- 5th grade teacher from Utah and not very perfect at all!
  114. A2 - No. We often have different standards for perfection. #TXeduchat
  115. A2: Yes...everyone's perception of "perfect" is different. Funny thing is, we are all wrong because there is no perfect! :) #TXeduchat
  116. A2 Perfect, by definition, requires clear sight of imperfection. Eyes are different #Txeduchat
  117. A1) We arrive at mastery thru worthwhile journey. Trial & error. Oops! -> Aha! Perfection we never reach, however we may try! #txeduchat
  118. A2 I think perfection is impossible b/c there isn't one idea of what it looks like. #TXeduchat
  119. A2- Although, when talking to a windows user, I refer to Apple as "perfect" Jk Jk #TXeduchat
  120. sorry #TXeduchat kids are fed and I am ready to go...didn't think anyone would be here w/ #SB49 and all
  121. Perfection can be disabling especially when Ss become involved #TXeduchat
  122. A2. Can perfection be defined as "as far as I want to go on this subject"? #txeduchat
  123. A2: each person will have different opinion on perfection due to experiences, skill & perspective #txeduchat
  124. @BarbaraGruener I think many of us are "Recovering Perfectionists" How do we give it up? and learn to version/iterate? #txeduchat
  125. A2 IMHO the crux of the matter #txeduchat We converge from different places/different backgrounds & experiences
  126. @ChristineYH Love that - "cognitive paralysis." Never heard that before. Agree!! #txeduchat
  127. A2 Generally no. Also reflected in hiring where the interviewer expects the applicant to reflect their version of perfection. #TxEduChat
  128. A2: It is like learning, each person has different abilities and needs. Same with perfectionism. No two alike. @klippert: #TXeduchat
  129. A2: one person's perfect could b different than another if expectations r not equal. Got to know end goal to achieve perfection #TXeduchat
  130. @HendershotDavid I would go so far as to say perfection goes with a fixed mindset whereas mastery goes with a growth mindset, no? #TXeduchat
  131. A2: striving for "perfection" is like running after the carrot dangling in front of your nose #txeduchat
  132. 5+5 = a perfect ten...but so does 6+4 and 7+3. No two 'perfects' look the same. #txeduchat
  133. @HendershotDavid #TXeduchat Compare and Compete! Tired of competition that pits 1 gift against another. No ONE right way 2 learn or BE
  134. A2 No, humans are organic, dynamic beings. Not identical. #TXeduchat
  135. @txeduchat #txeduchat SO important to learn to be okay with and embrace messy, chaotic, ugly, stumbling, falling, recalculating!
  136. @BarbaraGruener #TXeduchat Exactly! Each of us brings a unqiue lens & focus to the world. We need all to form a complete picture.
  137. @txeduchat @BarbaraGruener LOL I started a parent workshop on perfectionism with that confession! #TXeduchat
  138. A2 No, in part because while we may think we are perfect we rarely are. #TxEduChat
  139. To accept the idea of 'perfection' means you accept you can no longer improve. #txeduchat
  140. @matthew_arend I agree. Does working toward a clarified understanding of perfection limit creativity? Or is that the end game? #txeduchat
  141. @dothinkeducate @JenaiaMorane Great question Anna, they are both subject to the views/opinions of each individual imho #txeduchat
  142. A2: striving to be perfect, the concept of perfect...the same? Maybe? #TXeduchat
  143. #TXeduchat Q3: What are the pros and cons of using competition as a tool for achieving mastery?
  144. @BarbaraGruener Agreed. That is the work. That makes one humble. But that's where the learning is. #TXeduchat @txeduchat
  145. Jessica from TX joining late tonight...so many things to focus on #TCEA15 #TXeduchat
  146. @txeduchat @JenaiaMorane you have to know your Ss, some love competition and are motivated, some not. #TXeduchat
  147. As a sports guy & having played in college, perfect is attainable if undefeated. Hard time applying perfect outside of record. #TXeduchat
  148. I'm perfectly fine being not perfect. I'm not fine with being complacent. Always looking for ways to be better. #txeduchat
  149. @CappiesCorner @ChristineYH #txeduchat And learning that being vulnerable is real beauty and that imperfection is a true gift!!
  150. A3: Pro: Some Ss rise to the challenge of a comp; Con: Some Ss are demotivated by comp. Con: Comp implies comparison, norm based. #TXeduchat
  151. A3. Competition may focus goal away from learning and towards gaming the system. #txeduchat
  152. A3 Competition gives Ss & Ts a possible motivation BUT may b an unobtainable goal for some.. #TXeduchat
  153. A3 Teach kids to compete with their previous attempt at mastery and help them to see/track their progress #txeduchat
  154. A3- while competition may motivate some it would stress others out. #TXeduchat
  155. A3. Competition can be used as a tool for mastery if collaboration is part of mix. I like moving together towards a common goal. #TXeduchat
  156. A3. Competition means a winner, which = a loser. Rather than the strive towards personal growth. Big con. #txeduchat
  157. A3: It can encourage Ss to reach higher but can also discourage others from trying if they don't see failure as part of process. #txeduchat
  158. A3 Not a fan of academic competition unless it is a student competing against him/herself. #TXeduchat
  159. A2: Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Mistakes create the next new great thing. #txeduchat
  160. A3-totally depends in the task, Ss, and definition of "win" #TXeduchat
  161. THIS-> @BarbaraGruener: #txeduchat SO important 2 learn 2 be okay with and embrace messy, chaotic, ugly, stumbling, falling, recalculating!
  162. @CappiesCorner So true! Perfection is a fallacy, everyone can always improve in some way. Lifelong learning! #TXeduchat
  163. A3: Cons: it turns passion for topics to a self esteem issue. If you aren't the lead you feel pressure. #TXeduchat
  164. A3 See that as intrinsic motivation vs extrinsic motivation. Reward system implied. Not comfortable with it #txeduchat
  165. @JenaiaMorane #TXeduchat There are no Pros from my point of view. Only creates winners and losers. Every learner is a winner
  166. #TXeduchat A3: competition reflects real world in that there are winners and losers, but Ss need to know that losing offers opportunity
  167. A3: competition can motivate Ss. A gifted S can "win" a comp w/o effort. A struggling S may put more effort into achievement. #txeduchat
  168. A3 Competition focuses on winning not on learning. Motivation needs to be about learning. #TXeduchat
  169. A3: Completion is only ok when it yields new challenges and ideas. #txeduchat
  170. @sandeeteach Exactly, just like a runner only really competes with the time of their own last race. Love it! #TXeduchat
  171. @txeduchat @JenaiaMorane Pro: causes us to try harder; build grit. Con: can create self doubt and conflict if not used properly. #txeduchat
  172. A3 Competition is one form of human motivation. Not for everyone..so should be a choice #txeduchat
  173. @beebekienstra @txeduchat #TXEduchat Great point. Just object 2 those who achieve competitive goals=better & than those who don't.
  174. A3: People are naturally competitive. This can be used carefully to help Ss achieve their potential. 1/2 #TXEduchat
  175. a3: competition can only be successful if the culture of the room has been set up #txeduchat
  176. A3: Comp fuels motivation in some Ss. Comp fuels frustration in others. Know your Ss...what works for some won't work for all. #TXeduchat
  177. Using too much competition feeds right back into extrinsic motivation. In life, sometimes you accomplish something and that's it. #txeduchat
  178. A3- Competition can be a motivator to some, but not all. You have to know your students. #TXeduchat
  179. @teachintechgal @GetKahoot Not convinced badges & competition of online programs motivates learning - just motivates winning imo #TXeduchat
  180. #txeduchat A3 Competition presupposes you have a certain streak in your character. what if you don't?
  181. A3: 2/2 But if used to degrade or put down, it can have a catastrophic effect on a Ss learning and wellbeing. #TXEduchat
  182. A3 Strong leadership & management of expectations is necessary to prevent inappropriate adversarial relationships. #TxEduChat
  183. @txeduchat @2dpec if we stopped creating b/c we thought our stuff was crap or we made a mistake things would never get completed #TXeduchat
  184. @nathan_stevens @JenaiaMorane #txeduchat Badges are just grades in disguise. Learning is intrinsically motivated. There if you look!!
  185. @mcnairan3 From Plato to teachers today. There is no perfect is the lesson plan! #TXeduchat
  186. A3: mastery of math concepts shouldn't be a competition #TXeduchat
  187. Students will not get a prize, high five, or award every time the meet a deadline at work. Balance out the competition & prizes #txeduchat
  188. Distracted with houseguests & game, but I'll jump in when I can (esp. b/c I don't expect perfection, just a good, honest try!) #txeduchat
  189. Did I see vulnerability? Let's model that in classrooms! If you are always confident what do students learn? #txeduchat
  190. A3: Competition motivates me to reach for mastery, but I don't see it work effectively in the classroom very often. #txeduchat
  191. #txeduchat A3 In some people competition works. But on the whole, dunno? A question for me to ask next #edcampPS
  192. A3 pro-competition triggers a fight in individuals con- class is broken from community/family to individuals #TXeduchat
  193. @tracyacramer if a S is getting an answer w/o effort (gifted Ss)... The T needs to up the rigor of the ?s #TXeduchat
  194. A3 I love fair competition, it is exciting and motivating to compare accomplishments with your peers. #TxEduChat
  195. A3. Competition & mastery are not opposing forces, turn into a motivator with mastery as a baseline for everyone in a team/PBL. #TXeduchat
  196. A3 it pushes the idea of perfection as you're trying to compete with others. We all have differing skills + abilities #TXeduchat
  197. A3: Pros I like competition for self improvement. They compete against themselves and goals they set. #TXeduchat
  198. A3 team competition can teach collaboration if properly coached. #txeduchat
  199. @txeduchat Vulnerability, courage, and a safe learning environment creates what we desire for all learners, Ts and Ss. #TXeduchat
  200. @martysnowpaw Learning is not always intrinsically motivated Marty. If it were, I wouldn't have enrolled in the PhD (extrinsic). #txeduchat
  201. #txeduchat As w/ everything...you need balance. Some competition & some "everybody wins." #TXEduchat
  202. A3: At the middle school level I provide lessons with competition, but I allow it to be a choice. Some thrive on it, some don't. #txeduchat
  203. @txeduchat as long as we don't dictate the path, the end game can be achieved by taking many different paths. #creativity #TXeduchat
  204. @nyrangerfan42 @dothinkeducate I have many. They tune out as soon as it sounds like a contest, they have perfection on their mind.#TXeduchat
  205. “But what if I fail?” | A better question might be, "After I fail, what then?" -Seth Godin #txeduchat
  206. @dubioseducator #TXeduchat LOVE that Faige. Beautiful - we are all constantly going in and out that process. Never fully arrive.
  207. A3. Competition promotes winning, not growing. However, it also provides for not always being the best. #TXeduchat
  208. YES! Hey Heidi! MT @MrsJones_Merton: #txeduchat As w/ everything...you need balance. Some competition & some "everybody wins." #TXEduchat
  209. A3: if Ss feel they can't compete with their peers, I suspect they will shut down and let others "win' the competition. #Txeduchat
  210. A3) I have plenty of middle schoolers who see competition as an out - I'm gonna lose, anyway, so why try? #logic #TXeduchat
  211. #TXeduchat Not all competition is inherently bad. Losing can be redefined as an opportunity for learning & so can winning. #not0sumgame
  212. @lesliefarooq @dothinkeducate either that or they just don't have comp in their blood - my dau is just like that #txeduchat
  213. @klippert @martysnowpaw Social emotional development often seen in this framework. It applies in most fields I believe. #TXeduchat
  214. @whitneykilgore @martysnowpaw Ah, but isn't cred required to accomplish what you want in education? Was that intrinsic motive? #txeduchat
  215. @whitneykilgore @martysnowpaw It isn't always intrinsic, & that is really the most challenging issue for any T in a rq'd course. #TXeduchat
  216. @lesliefarooq @nyrangerfan42 True, hence the word 'carefully'. It doesn't work for all. You have to know your students well. #txeduchat
  217. A3: pro: competition drives some to achieve more. Con: introverts may not appreciate the pressure. #TXeduchat
  218. @txeduchat Ss will think that failure is unacceptable. We have to be willing to own our mistakes and let Ss see them sometimes. #TXeduchat
  219. A3 competition with oneself can really work. I am always after a better score than my last. A personal leader board #txeduchat
  220. @nyrangerfan42 @dothinkeducate Agreed, some don't have comp in their blood. Others do, but fear they will lose, and won't try. #TXeduchat
  221. @tracyacramer I have not been addressing rewards. I am saying Ts need to strive to create Ss that think and put forth effort. #txeduchat
  222. @drshaunamayo Here, here. I would say all of the time and model what it looks like to learn from mistakes. #learning #TXeduchat @txeduchat
  223. @drshaunamayo @txeduchat I model that every day for my Ss! Some intentional & other times not! #txeduchat
  224. @matthew_arend A compromise might be to have teams of kids compete against other teams so work as team to achieve goal #txeduchat
  225. @nyrangerfan42 @dothinkeducate An interesting question, should we use it even though it is not effective for all students? #TxEduChat
  226. A3 Like everything else, competition should be differentiated to meet needs of the Ss. It's not a one size fits all technique. #txeduchat
  227. @dubioseducator Absolutely. Relationships is the underpinning of all good teaching and learning. #TXeduchat @txeduchat
  228. A3: Comp. against who? If we teach Grit for Ss to compete with themselves! #txeduchat
  229. @FarleyJeffrey Exactly. I see this at the HS level also. Not always, but often. Some just don't see the point of comp. #TXeduchat
  230. @BSGSCSFoster #TXeduchat Not bad. Just want to be sure that those who WIN are not seen as better people deserving of more $, attention etc.
  231. A2 Ss will be able to achieve different levels of success, but it's imports to help all reach their highest level possible #TXeduchat
  232. @whitneykilgore @martysnowpaw I want to make education better, need degree to have research taken seriously. Intrinsic then? #txeduchat
  233. @FarleyJeffrey #TXeduchat Yes,especially if they do not learn in way that they are told they have to learn.
  234. @Tom_Kilgore @drshaunamayo @txeduchat I do too Tom! Always say it's my first mistake and everyone laughs & rolls eyes #txeduchat
  235. @beebekienstra I've always had more success with the competition-with-yourself concept. Builds intrinsic goal-setting behavior. #TXeduchat
  236. #TXeduchat Q4: How important is emotional literacy in helping students achieve mastery?
  237. @2dpec Best person for a Ss (or anyone else) to compete with is themselves for sure #txeduchat
  238. @sandeeteach @matthew_arend Working to achieve a goal isn't competition, imo. Achieving a goal says everyone can get there. #TXeduchat
  239. A4. Ed Psyche and neuroscience are now showing it is very important. #txeduchat
  240. @FarleyJeffrey try to improve from last time kind of thinking? I agree. but I do use games for competition always w teams #TXeduchat
  241. A3) Some do thrive on competition. But others do not - especially if no clear underlying meaningful purpose for work to be done.#txeduchat
  242. A3 anything that reduces engagement, a view of success & inspiration should be avoided in the classroom Be careful w competition #TXeduchat
  243. @JenaiaMorane That is precisely when I have the most trouble finding fault in their logic. #TXeduchat
  244. #txeduchat A4: If they're not with you emotionally, what learning can they take on? I think it's SO important, that they feel safe & valued!
  245. Thanks @JenaiaMorane! I'll do my best to keep up. As a mother I find this topic *very* important. #TXeduchat
  246. A4: Emotional literacy lays the foundation for academic literacy. #txeduchat
  247. A4 - Emotional intellegence is key to teaching the whole child to mastery, often forgotten after a child leaves Kinder #TXeduchat
  248. A4. IMO hugely important. You want to help students maneuver emotional intelligence while they strive for self improvement. #txeduchat
  249. A4: Extremely important. Kids will not remember every fact, detail, and lesson. But they will remember how they were treated. #TXeduchat
  250. @Supt_Jordan #TXeduchat Yes....as on door closes another should open - eager to know more & use new skills to grow.
  251. Q4 it's extremely important. I believe in educating the whole child... #TXeduchat
  252. A4. Social emotional learning is essential to empathy & forgiveness. More willing to make mistakes... therefore learning. #TXeduchat
  253. #txeduchat A4 I hear collaboration in learning is good. Ss, Ts need emotional literacy for empathy. Needed for vulnerable when Ss need help.
  254. A4: emotional literacy helps S’s work through process, trials & errors, to reach mastery of skills/content #txeduchat
  255. "@CappiesCorner: 5+5 = a perfect ten...but so does 6+4 and 7+3. No two 'perfects' look the same. #txeduchat"
  256. @txeduchat @JenaiaMorane A4: Emotional literacy is significant but it is a process that we have to help Ss develop. #TXeduchat
  257. @clarkmusings #TXEDUchat Yes! Balance is key to being an effective human being. We need compassion & empathy & safety to learn.
  258. A4: Emotional Literacy is achieved at high levels when curriculum is s't centered, relevant, and engaging. #TXeduchat
  259. @dothinkeducate More than forgotten, left behind. TEKS matter, testing matters, content matters = less than whole child #TXeduchat IMO
  260. #TXeduchat A4 I think that the Ss with the most stability in their lives have less stresses that can hinder mastery.
  261. A4 emotional literacy is the foundation to have confidence in oneself -totally crucial for T and S success #TXeduchat
  262. @MrsJones_Merton Q4: How important is emotional literacy in helping students achieve mastery? #txeduchat
  263. @Supt_Jordan Absolutely. Student centred curriculum that is relevant and engaging. #critical #TXeduchat
  264. @dothinkeducate @carrion_creates Adults forget and think academics is 'serious' stuff, adolescents expected to think as adults. #txeduchat
  265. A4: Emotional literacy empowers Ss to risk academically in school and throughout their lives. #txeduchat
  266. A4 need to always think of the whole child if we want learning to be successful #TXeduchat
  267. A4) I would that more teachers exhibited the kind of emotional literacy it takes to see the difference between "can't" & "won't". #TXeduchat
  268. A4: Emotional literacy is crucial. If a student isn't comfortable and feels safe, then learning is limited. Research based. #TXeduchat
  269. A4- emotional literacy is extremely important. Easy to give up w/o it. Hard to develop stamina. #TXeduchat
  270. @drshaunamayo @txeduchat #TXeduchat Ss don't exist in vacuum &emotions color everything our Ss see & do. Need to help them become aware.
  271. A4: Emotional literacy is crucial to a healthy, fearless sense of competition (whether competing against yourself or others). #TXeduchat
  272. @txeduchat Yes... Duckworth. Took a class and saw her talk about this in a video. #TXeduchat
  273. @ChristineYH Do you find Ss more willing to make mistakes themselves if they understand they are safe in space & w/others? #txeduchat
  274. A4: We strive to educate the whole child daily! Sometime academics is the easy part! #TXeduchat
  275. A4: Hard for Ss to acknowledge mastery when they are not ok emotionally.Important that we find ways to remind Ss of their worth. #TXeduchat
  276. A4: I think that emotional literacy, especially being able to reflect on their own role in their learning, is very important. #TXeduchat
  277. Q4 early childhood Ts address this effectively,while upper grade Ts seem to let go of this, big kids need emotional support, too #TXeduchat
  278. Grow your PLN by following others in #txeduchat tonight. This is your community - connect and share!
  279. A2 1 person's percep. of P may mirror another's,but reality-no.Tell my 1st gr "We're not looking 4 perfect,we want progress." #txeduchat
  280. A4. Important for all to understand who they are so they can grow into who they can be. #TXeduchat
  281. A4 We have to make time to teach/build that emotional literacy - too often left out to cover content. #TXeduchat
  282. @nyrangerfan42 @dothinkeducate Yes, the question was designed to get us thinking about the perfection in this context. #TxEduChat
  283. @txeduchat @kami_ransom #TXEduchat Literacy=awareness. So many react rather than being aware of feelings & where coming from.
  284. #txeduchat SD Supt asks this: "What if it were No Child Left Unkind?" We must elevate empathy first, so they can FEEL #kindness for others.
  285. so true. Way easier. “@matthew_arend: A4: We strive to educate the whole child daily! Sometime academics is the easy part! #TXeduchat
  286. @Tom_Kilgore Yes. Making mistakes would be part of the learning culture & would not be noteworthy. Ideal learning environment. #TXeduchat
  287. @martysnowpaw @txeduchat @JenaiaMorane Not debating the issue. We can agree to disagree. That's part of life and learning. #TXeduchat
  288. #Txeduchat Let Ss feel & Lead With Their Heart as an antidote for bullying. Not taught with Dos & don'ts charts!
  289. @dothinkeducate There's been some interesting research about the effects of PTSD on teens and impact on learning. #TXeduchat
  290. #TXeduchat Emotional literacy should be the cornerstone in every single solitary classroom. #relationshipsfirst! A4
  291. Old education, a maze with one path to success with many dead ends, today multiple entries, exits with space for personal growth. #txeduchat
  292. A4) If we don't teach kids to be more emotionally literate, we can look forward to another generation struggling for tolerance. #TXeduchat
  293. A4) Emotional literacy KEY to handle failure(s), frustration, hesitation, fear (speaking from personal experience!) #txeduchat
  294. Too true! @jenmarten: A4 We have to make time to teach/build that emotional literacy - too often left out to cover content. #TXeduchat
  295. BOOM! MT @MrsJones_Merton: #TXeduchat Emotional literacy should be cornerstone in every single solitary classroom. #relationshipsfirst! A4
  296. @JenHoulette @JenHoulette I hated memorizing facts and details. Relationships are much more important in most careers. #TXeduchat
  297. Rob- 6th gr T- shoveling my way in from snowy Mich to lurk a bit and see what's doin' #txeduchat http://t.co/yiEDl841LM
    Rob- 6th gr T- shoveling my way in from snowy Mich to lurk a bit and see what's doin' #txeduchat pic.twitter.com/yiEDl841LM
  298. @jenmarten #TXeduchat So interesting becuz emotions are there whether acknowledged or not. Feelings are lens thru which perceive the world.
  299. #TXeduchat Q5: What is the best way to ensure that students acquire & practice emotional as well as intellectual skills?
  300. A4 I am curious if everyone here has the same definition of emotional literacy. #TxEduChat
  301. A4 emotion w thought is reflection. Learning with reflection is essential for achievement & ownership of education. #TXeduchat
  302. #TXeduchat Learning and relationships also affected if T experiencing stress or burnout - tend to use sarcasm and lack empathy.
  303. @clarkmusings @dothinkeducate when the serious stuff is actually communication and collaboration and the other C's #TXeduchat
  304. @drshaunamayo @txeduchat #TXeduchat Watch it again. Its propaganda to get poor kids to suck it up & behave. Blames the victim! Again Racist!