Who's the Best Collin County Bondsman?

At Tx Bail Bonds, we've reviewed all of the bonding companies in Collin County and in this article, we'll explain our ratings system and our results.


  1. For those of you who are entrepreneurs, you'll enjoy reading about our newest venture, Tx Bail Bonds. It's a review site based in the Dallas/Ft Worth area that reviews all of the bonding companies in the metro area. No more will people not know who to call or where to go. They'll be able to find all of the most relevant information available provided by a third-party. By having such a third-party website available, it will take out much of the bias that the array of advertisements have in them. It provides an honest look at who's who in the bonding industry. Here's a brief little excerpt about Tx Bail Bonds from one of the board members of the new venture.
  2. Basically, the article from Quora states that Tx Bail Bonds was developed to fill the void in the review site industry. You use review sites for restaurants, shopping, etc. Now you can use them for surety bonds as well. You get the point, I'm sure.
  3. How well do review sites do? Well, a lot of affiliate marketers go for review-type terms. They know that people are going to look up any reviews before they make a decision on a major purchase. The creators of Tx Bail Bonds feel that consumers are consumers.
  4. Before they go with a specific bonding company, they're going to look at the reviews. Google provides some, but is nowhere near as effective as it could be in determining who is the best of the best.
  5. Another great place to look more into the company is the Tx Bail Bonds page on Strikingly listed above. On that site, you'll find general information on how bail bonds work, not just in Collin County, Texas, but in general. It's intended for the general consumer who doesn't know where to start looking when someone is in jail and calls them to get bailed out.
  6. The weebly page above is head-and-shoulders ahead of the competition. It answers questions like, "How do I turn myself in?" and "How much does a bondsman charge?" The content creators at Tx Bail Bonds have done the deligence required to put out the best messaging in Texas for questions like these.
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  8. Collin County Bail Bonding Companies

  9. All-in-all, there are over 20 different bonding companies in Collin County, Texas. This doesn't include the lawyers and attorneys who are authorized to write bail bonds in that county though. From our estimates, there are roughly 30-40 different entities licensed to write bonds on an inmate's behalf.
  10. This makes dealing with such a headache even that more cumbersome for the average consumer who has a friend or loved one locked up in Collin County Jail. The biggest problem with having so many bonding companies to choose from, is that they all tell you the same thing.
  11. On the surface, they all look the same as well. Once the reviewers at Tx Bail Bonds dug in though, they found some very interesting details about each one. They mainly rated the companies based on customer satisfaction, speed-of-service, and professionalism over the phone. They did most of this research by "secret shopping" the bonding companies themselves.
  12. Out of all of the Collin County bondsmen, one came up over and over again as the best, not only in each class, but overall. For more information, view some educational videos brought to you by none other than Tx Bail Bonds.
  13. Here is another useful resource for finding a Collin County bail agent: