How Much Does a Bail Bondsman Charge?

In this story, you'll discover the amount of money a bail bondsman charges in Tarrant County, Texas. You'll also find out what happens if you decide to skip out on your court date.


  1. In today's consumer-based society, we're all trying to get the 'best deal' possible. With all of the e-commerce sites available right at our fingertips, it is very easy to just pull up a bunch of sites in new tabs on our web browser and see who's got the best deal going on at the moment we want to buy something. This doesn't work with the bail bonds industry though. There is a big range in the amount a bondsman can charge someone to write a policy. It ranges anywhere from 10%-20% in the State of Texas. Tarrant County tends to be in the upper end of that range.
  2. The percentage a Tarrant County bonding company will charge you is almost entirely up to the inmate's criminal history and the bail amount set by the judge or magistrate. Other factors include the co-signer's qualifications. Here's a good look at some of those qualifications:
  3. Most people can meet the minimum requirements of getting a bail bond, but the better the credentials of the co-signer, the better the rate that the bondsman will charge.
  4. A Tarrant County Bondsman Can Legally Charge 10%-20% of the Bail Amount

  5. Texas is one of those states with the highest percentage that a bondsman can legally charge someone. This is due to overpopulation. It might seem counterintuitive to set the percentage so high, but there's a logical reason for it. More Texas bonding companies will be willing to do a bond if they have a monetary incentive to do so. This leads to a larger percentage of the public being able to get a bond, which leads to less people in jail.
  6. The following video is an explanation of a new review site dedicated to Tarrant County bonding companies. They cut through all of the selling and explain the whole process on the video.
  7. Tarrant County Bail Bonds | Ft Worth TX Bonding Company
  8. What's important to note here, is that Tx Bail Bonds isn't trying to sell someone on getting a bond written. That's one of the biggest problems in Tarrant County right now. There are a lot of bonding agencies saying that they can help anyone and that no one deserves to be in jail.
  9. Tx Bail Bonds
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  10. Well, I've got news for you, they can't help EVERYONE, nor should they want to.
  11. If someone has an FTA (Failure to Appear) on their record, no one is writing that bond. They are going to have to wait in jail until their court date. The way that a bondsman looks at it is simple. If this person was out on bail for a previous charge and didn't show up to court, then why in the world would they show up to their next court date? Any bonding company with a sense of smart business will pass on that one. Here's some more information on what happens when you skip out on bail.
  12. How a Tarrant County Bail Bondsman Makes Money
  13. When someone gets arrested, more often than not, they are totally freaked out and don't know what to do. They get a phone call from the Tarrant County Jail (or multiple calls), so they call either a trusted friend or a loved one to bail them out. There's usually a list of bonding companies right there in the holding area of the jail when someone gets booked in, but ultimately it is up to the person bonding them out to find a reliable bonding company. Not all bondsman agencies are created equal. Here's an example of what Tx Bail Bonds is doing to help those looking for someone they can trust.
  14. You see, Tx Bail Bonds isn't actually a bonding company at all. It is a resource guide and review site for people who don't know where to turn when someone they know gets locked up. For more information on the company, visit the following page.
  15. To wrap this up, hopefully you know understand how much a bondsman will charge you in Tarrant County, Texas. It's dependant on your qualifications, the criminal history of the inmate, and the bail amount.