the new IT. Start with users. Adapt to learnings. Iterate.

The new IT knows that technology is at the centre of problem solving and scaling. It can be used to explore the potential solutions, not just be the solution.

  1. The new IT knows that every business is a technology business now
  2. The new IT is centred around user need. It doesn’t expect an audience by default, it knows it has to engage.
  3. It uses hypotheses as a way of exploring possible futures. It knows 'in theory' is just that - something to be explored to see what happens in the real world.
  4. It looks to build small slices of product, proving out ideas that will support the full concept at scale.
  5. It knows that efficiency is not enough, it needs to innovate. It knows it's becoming both R&D and Marketing.
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  6. It knows that direction, not destination is important and use small cycles of discovery, to allow for quick adaption.
  7. It uses data to drive decisions and adapts when it learns new information. Answering questions with data, placing many smaller bets.
  8. It knows that it has to be respectful and careful with the data it gathers. Trust can be easily lost, so it keeps only what it needs to, and places that out of reach.
  9. It knows one of the most valuable things is feedback from software in use.
  10. It looks to maximising usefulness not additional infrastructure. And so to consume services rather than build utilities.
  11. It doesn't have a fixed end goal, it keeps developing as the world around it changes and it gains new information.
  12. "Are we building the right thing?" as opposed to "Have we built the right thing?" Great point by @ohaniant at #agilelon
    "Are we building the right thing?" as opposed to "Have we built the right thing?" Great point by @ohaniant at #agilelon
  13. It means, more than ever, that our software solutions need to be built to embrace change. It must be ready to be adapted to new information about the new world that we are building and the technologies that we use to do so.
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