Steve Yedlin's Film vs. Digital Tests

Cinematographer Steve Yedlin ("Brick", "Looper" and the upcoming "Star Wars: Episode VIII"), discusses the technical (and religious) war surrounding the film vs. digital debate, presenting some beautiful side-by-side comparisons.


  1. As much as I'd love to, I cannot personally contribute to this discussion, because of my day job [have I already said too much?]. Do yourself a favor; if you're a fan of filmmaking, just follow Steve Yedlin on Twitter. He's a really bright, nice gentleman. And that Rian guy, too, I guess.
  2. I'll let Rian, Yedlin's old friend and director of "Episode VIII" (among other things) introduce things:
  3. And now, Steve, introducing his side-by-side tests, and responding to questions. Be sure to follow the links, read the emails, and watch the videos.
  4. Be sure to read this conversation between Mario Carvalhal.