Spotting a 'Mistake' in "Star Wars"

The day I played visual effects archaeologist, and unearthed a minor compositing error in a shot from "Star Wars", one that may have not been widely known. With special guest star Stu Maschwitz.


  1. And here it is. It appears that one of the light passes (the engine internals of the Millennium Falcon) is out of sync with the beauty lighting pass. We estimate it's a six frame offset. This is what we call a 'line-up' issue - somehow, the reel of either the beauty or the special lighting pass was pushed six frames, making the two motion-control film passes out of sync. Notice how the lighting pass is temporally ahead of the ship.
  2. A few days later, I thought I'd get the input of Dennis Muren, a veteran of the first "Star Wars" film, who still works with me at ILM.

  3. Bonus: