1. Last week, two videos and countless more articles went viral, each with the same tired and ridiculous trope - that "CGI" (whatever that means) is "ruining modern movies." Tony Zhou summed it up nicely in this tweet.
  2. Filmmaker Lexi Alexander chimed in, with her support of the visual effects community.
  3. I was proud of this tweet:

  4. The next day, Cartoon Brew wrote an article on one of the videos, and called it "The Dumbest Thing You'll See All Week" in its headline.
  5. Lexi and I were quoted in the piece.
  6. Alec Gillis (whom I adore) tweeted the article, too. I was perplexed by his description of the video as "respectful".

  7. One of the videos is nearing 1M views on YouTube. Director and screenwriter Chris Weitz, who directed "The Golden Compass" (which won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects) and "Twilight: New Moon" tweeted about it.