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What are you working on?

On July 20, as part of our new #wonderwednesday series on Twitter, we asked folks a simple question: what are you working on? One respondent's hashtag summed up the general sentiment of the replies we got: #dowhatyoulove


  1. For Professor of Electrical Engineering and Associate Dean of Research Eric Miller, what some may call work, he calls fun.

  2. Meanwhile, others were hitting the books or tackling fieldwork.

  3. But we've all got more going on than just classwork and research, right? How about a little Jumbo music blogging?
  4. A fellow university even chimed in.

  5. In the end, we all need some time to take it easy. Especially when the high that day hit 91 degrees!

  6. Thanks for sharing, everyone, and stay tuned for future #wonderwednesdays