Getting Ready for a New Semester

New and returning students bring the Tufts campus back to life.

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  1. Welcome back, students!
  2. Everyone's excited for campus to spring back to life.

  3. Tufts Admissions tweeted, "Cheers to new beginnings" -- quite literally, as the cannon sported a fresh coat of white paint ahead of the new semester.
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  5. Of course, down on the health sciences campus in Boston, students are already knee-deep in the fall semester. Also, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences held its matriculation on Aug. 30. Here's the head count from a Ph.D. drama student:

  6. Many freshmen came to campus early for pre-orientation activities such as FOCUS (community service), Tufts Wilderness, FIT, CAFE (interfaith) and International Orientation.
  7. Here, some FOCUS participants load up on breakfast after spending Thursday night camping out in the Gantcher Center before a day of service in the community.
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  9. Tropical Storm Irene interrupted some of the pre-orientation activities for the incoming class, but spirits were undaunted.
  10. There's lots of activity to get ready for the start of the semester and freshman orientation. Student groups prep their O-Show performances.

  11. Faculty members received props for their training sessions with orientation leaders.
  12. Ahead of Matriculation, we crowdsourced tips from students, alumni and parents for the incoming class.