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A year from now, I will be better at __________

On July 27, as part of our #wonderwednesday series on Twitter, we asked folks to let us know what they will be better at a year from now. Interestingly, most people used the prompt as an opportunity to reflect on what they will have accomplished a year from now. And that's a neat way to look at it: "A year from now, I will be better at being awesome."


  1. Some rising seniors shared their excitement/anxiety at nearing alumni status.
  2. Meanwhile, a student one year behind them shared similar feelings about how time flies around here.
  3. In a dispatch from the other side of senior year, an alumna shared her thrill at being near the end of her MBA studies.

  4. From student groups to study abroad, Jumbos have a big year planned.
  5. In closing, one respondent shared her unique, er, perspective.