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No to austerity - Yes to workers' rights. TUC demo 4 Oct 2015

More than 60,000 marched in Manchester taking a strong message to Conservative Conference against the harm caused by austerity and the trade union bill's attack on the rights of working people and their unions.


  1. With coaches booked from all over the country, there was an early start for many marchers.
  2. Stewards were on hand a people started gathering along Oxford Road, from All Saints Park. There was a lot to set up as early reports looked like the demo would be big.
  3. TUC Demostration Manchester 2015
  4. The event started with a rally, speeches and music. Billy Bragg kicked things off.
  5. Text of Frances' speech from the rally:
  6. The march moved off at 1.30, circling the Conference Centre towards Deansgate. More than 60,000 people filled roads around much of the city centre.