Avocado Challenge

A harmless tweet... that went too far. Stock up now, supply and demand means avocado prices are about to soar.


  1. Training Day: 70 Avocados in the Half Shell
    Training Day: 70 Avocados in the Half Shell
  2. Megg did the smart thing... admitted defeat before the challenge was issued. Well played, Megg.
  3. Enter John Lucas... 12 avocados? Really John, really? The challenge is forming...
  4. R.J. and Ma'ayan jump on the guacamole bullshit bandwagon... but live too far away to be part of the the challenge.
  5. Gabe chimes in with proof that the impossible is possible.
  6. I called bullshit on John's dozen tweet, Tim called challenge. Shit just got real.
  7. John says it's on... then throws John Pederson in the mix. But more importantly, he drops the challenge on AJ Bombers (home of awesome food, people and quite possibly the best Bloody Mary I've ever had outside a neighbor's basement and/or ice shanty).
  8. Pederson's wit joins the conversation.
  9. AJ Bombers Madison wants to see four grown men poop their pants...
  10. John and John attempt a battle of the wits...
  11. AJ Bombers in Milwaukee used an exclamation point in a tweet. Our fate has been determined. We shall do this.
  12. Who: Lucas/Cigelske vs Pederson/Sanders
    What: Eating a shit-ton of avocados (challenge still being worked out)
    When: TBD
    Where: AJ Bombers (Madison or Milwaukee)
    Why: Because the internet said so.