The Story: Wizards at Kings, Game 67

Top tweets from the Washington Wizards game against the Kings in Sacramento via #SoWizards Nation and the World Wide Web (Mar. 18, 2014). ---> Truth About, Washington Wizards Blog, ESPN TrueHoop Network:

  1. @AaronRodgers12: Wizards fans may have laughed at first, but now how do you feel about @DrewGooden? #ballin #midrange Tell them AR! Ha!
  2. @ConorDDirks @Truth_About_It Proud day for Bethesdans. RT @SpearsNBAYahoo: Wizards are signing forward Drew Gooden to the end of the season.
  3. DeMarcus Cousins is warming up. SAC coach Mike Malone just confirmed that he will play vs #wizards
  4. Since All-Star break, #Kings are 5-9 & average the least # of assists in the NBA (17.3) & most # of turnovers (17.4), Your move, #Wizards.
  5. If the #Wizards win tonight, they'll be 1 game behind the #Bulls for 4th in East, possibly 1.5 gms out of 3rd if TOR loses to ATL tonight.
  6. Staying up to watch the @WashWizards game! A in would really pick me up today :) #WizKings #wizardstalk
  7. Kings starters for tonight: Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore, Rudy Gay, Reggie Evans and DeMarcus Cousins.
  8. Finally the Wizards get on the board with a Trevor Booker layup. Took long enough
  9. This looks like the Miami Heat game..the Wizards are missing a ton of easy shots
  10. we havnt even got we illegal streams up yet & caps game 1-1 & wiz playin popeye jones ugaly
  11. The #Kings are out-spirit animaling the #Wizards so far. WAS starts 1-10 on FGs, down 6-2.
  12. I guess we should be cool with Brad Beal midrange attempts that Cousins cares not to step out on......
  13. DeMarcus Cousins told John Wall on Monday that he was going to play, in part, to spoil #wizards playoff pursuits: 
  14. Kings employing the ol' "Four Guys in the Paint and One Outta Bounds" defense to guard the three ball:
    Kings employing the ol' "Four Guys in the Paint and One Outta Bounds" defense to guard the three ball:
  15. If I'm making a guess, this is the smallest crowd of the season in Sacramento.
  16. Some pretty listless off-ball defense from Wall, Booker and Ariza so far.
  17. Cousins definitely knows how to pick off John Wall passes, has stolen both of Wall's TOs. #Wizards down 6-12 to #Kings, 5:47 left in 1st.
  18. John Wall is looking to pass every time he attacks the basket...
  19. Then Cousins draws a charge on a speeding Wall jump-pass right out the timeout....
  20. Shockingly, the Kings have made it halfway through a qtr without turning the ball over. They have a 14-7 lead at the 5:10 mark of the 1st.
  21. Hawks beat the Raptors. Washington will be 1.5 back of Toronto if they manage to win here
  22. I wouldn't be totally mad if Coach Wittman benched all his starters and brought in the bench. it looks like that type of game..
  23. The best thing about watching on red-headed Russian step-child CSN+ is that most Trevor Ariza plays look like the movie Air Bud.
  24. Wizards need more urgency to start games when you're in the middle of a playoff push against bottom feeders
  26. Wizards are lucky to only be down by 6. 20-14 bad guys
  27. Wizards 5 for 18 so far but Cousins in early foul trouble and on the bench #WizardsTalk #NBA #WizKings
  28. Fun fact: DeMarcus Cousins leads the #NBA in technical fouls this season. Who thinks he'll get one tonight against the #Wizards? #WizKings
  29. Comparable to Hawks legend Rasheed Wallace. RT @Aykis16: I can't wait until former Kings legend Drew Gooden checks into the game.
  30. West Coast caught the #WizKids sleeping so far... woke up with a Webster bucket & Ariza steal, down 14-20. #Wizards just 3-8 FGs around rim.
  31. Gortat's shooting motion is like an earthquake started at the bottom of his body and the tremors finally forced him to release the ball.
  33. Seriously Martell Webster cannot guard Ben McLemore. No chance.
  34. Ben McLemore with a quick 9 in the first quarter.
  35. Andre Miller vs Isiah thomas..they cannot guard one another at all
  36. A guy in front of me wearing a John Wall jersey just rose to his feet in excitement as Isaiah Thomas sunk a 3 in transition. #identitycrisis
  37. I'm pretty sure allowing SAC to shoot 68% isn't good.
  38. My regret at turning on this Wizards game is immediate and profound.
  39. Randy Wittman said #wizards can't try to outscore SAC, will need to get stops to beat Kings. Well, WAS gave up 30 in 1stQ
  40. A 30-spot from the #Kings after 1, McLemore & Thomas combine for 18. Um, John Wall & Bradley Beal?
  41. Gooden the triple! He's got 5, Wiz trailing by 10 early in the 2nd. #WizKings
  42. Otto Porter Jr really has a front row seat for this one. Right next to a fan. Did he have to pay? #wizards
    Otto Porter Jr really has a front row seat for this one. Right next to a fan. Did he have to pay? #wizards
  43. They really got Otto sitting in a front row seat though...
  44. Andre Miller was sitting in OP's seat earlier. Crazy thing is, #wizards are traveling without Nene & GRJr. What if WAS came with full team?
  45. Drew Gooden definitely must be into analytics. He probably knew the only way to extend his career is by extending his range. #stretchfour
  46. Randy Whittman's greatest contribution to basketball is letting Drew Gooden take threes.
  47. Now Harrington for three! Second unit is getting the offense going, Kings lead is cut to 7. #WizKings
  48. Martell getting beat off the dribble is the village bicycle. Latest cycler: Derrick Williams.
  49. Drew Gooden all of a sudden has the moves of a two-guard..
  50. Trevor Ariza was bleeding right in front of us after getting hit by Rudy Gay. Ariza to ref: "But that was a foul on me, right?"
  51. Props to SAC DJ. Repeatedly played "keep bleeding" part of Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love" while Trevor Ariza dealt with bloody nose #wizards
  52. "Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding..." Messed up part is Trevor Ariza's nose is still bleeding & he had to go to locker room #wizards
  53. We may be getting ready for some Otto time if Webster has to leave
  54. Call up Glen Rice Jr., Martell needs to be healthy for the playoffs.
  55. John Wall finally does something. Hits a three then drives and draws two free throws
  56. As bad as the Wizards have played they are only down seven points ,with Wall headed to the line for two shots
  57. That Wall crossover elicited an "ooooh" from the crowd. Fun to hear the reaction from fans who don't see him often. @WashWizards #WizKings
  58. Wizards are heating up...Wall the triple then a Beal jumper, 9-1 run to cut the lead to just five. #WizKings 
  59. Beal steps in for a rhythm midrange J, keeps #Wizards w/in 5 at 39-44, 3:20 in 3rd. The defense DID give him shot by running him off line.
  60. Excuse me, 3:20 left in 2nd. Booker leads Wiz w 8 pts, McLemore & Thomas each have 11.
  61. Kings started with an 8/4 assist/turnover rate. That now sits at 9/9.
  62. Looks like Andre Miller wants Otto Porter's old seat now. Maybe it's more comfy than the others #wizards
    Looks like Andre Miller wants Otto Porter's old seat now. Maybe it's more comfy than the others #wizards
  63. Add a banged left big toe to list of Martell Webster injuries, probable to come back ... via Steve Buckhantz. #Wizards
  64. Buckhantz called a group of Temple, Singleton, and Gooden the "triple threat" wha?
  65. I literally talked Singleton up lol. Glad to see him in the game.
  66. Wall has now hit as many threes as Beal did last year.
  67. #wizards close 1st half on 17-5 run to get within 47-46. Amazing that WAS is this close, consider how bad it started in SAC
  68. So happy that it's a one point game after a tough shooting half
  69. 16-4 run, fueled by live ball turnovers, gets the @WashWizards to within one point at the half... 47-46 #Kings #WizardsTalk
  70. John Wall has 91 3s on season, currently ranked around 53rd in NBA. 1 more than Kemba, 2 less than Ray Allen, 4 less than LeBron. #Wizards
  71. DeMarcus Cousins was chatting with John Wall by #wizards bench - until Randy Wittman jokingly told him to get away from his player
  72. And now #wizards have their 1st lead of the game after Trevor Ariza putback layup
  73. Gortat coming out 2nd half fired up. Draws a charge then hits a jumper. Wiz up 50-47. #WizKings
  74. Cousins just picked up his fourth foul. 9:27 remaining in the third. Thompson in.
  75. Go to Gortat early in 3rd, frustrate Boogie. Nice plan.
  76. Prezydent Gortat getting hype-face, too. #Wizards now up 55-47 on #Kings, 9-0 run to start 3rd.
  77. how many u watchin/listenin Caps/Wiz same time? how many u hav work 2morrow? how many u dont care bout work? how many u given up on living?
  78. Wall has just been called for a Flagrant Foul 1 on Thompson. Call stands. #WizardsTalk #NBA #WizKings
  79. In what world is that a flagrant? Went after the ball. Come on. He has to foul him hard, if not its a 3 point play. Ridiculous @NBA
  80. Ariza with the prayer..Nene is clearly watching this game
  81. no need to watch anymore of this game after that Ariza shot
  82. Pace in the #Wizards - #Kings game has really picked up and so has Sacramento's effort
  83. Rudy Gay pulls an Al Harrington by blowing an uncontested dunk #WizardsTalk #NBA #WizKings
  84. SAC on 6-0 run since John Wall picked up his 4th foul. Andre Miller keeps trying to draw a foul but refs letting 'em play #wizards
  85. That Wizards singles night promo is so funny lol. "Hey Wizards fans are you single and looking to meet other Wizards fans?" LMFAO #SoWizards
  86. we dont work & we given up on living, but we still goin 2 bed. lookin 4ward 2 not readin ur recap in the morn!!!!!!!
  87. Great pass by Miller to Booker... too bad his old boosters were too fast for his current boots on that previous break. #Wizards up 64-61...
  88. Was just greeted by Andre Miller's aunt, who used to work as a parking attendant here at Sleep Train Arena. #truestory
  89. He's done it again! The 4-point master @MartellWebster hits from deep and gets fouled. #Wizards up 70-68 near end of 3 #WizKings
  90. AARP unit strikes! Miller misses the free throw, but Gooden is right there to tip in the miss. Wiz up 3 after 3
  91. Awesome finish to that otherwise..interesting quarter. #Wizards lead by 3 going into the 4th. Buckle up.
  92. Big Ups to Bethesda. NBA player Drew Gooden been working out there.
  93. @Truth_About_It Us B-Town bad boys are real pros. Normally in the legal or medical industries, but basketball is not unknown here.
  94. Shout out to Wisconsin Ave. The whole 355.. RT @Truth_About_It: Big Ups to Bethesda. NBA player Drew Gooden been working out there.
  95. Oh god. RT @funnydanny: Drew Gooden: 2nd most important Wizard?
  96. #Wizards head to the 4th Q up 73-70 over #Kings. A balanced scoring attack has six players w/ at least 9p, Wall leads w/ 12 #WizKings
  97. What a tip in of Miller's missed FT with .6 sec left by Drew Gooden. 9 pts in 11 min #WizardsTalk #NBA #WizKings
  98. Al Harrington keeps giving solid minutes. Defenses still honor him from three and he’s sneaky driving into space.
  99. Al Harrington is definitely a more aggressive attacker of the basket than I thought he'd be.
  100. Beal finally going to the rack. Must be the 4th quarter
  101. Look at that hip-work & leverage from Gooden vs. Cousins. Boogie who?
  102. If you like teams screwing up 4-on-1 breaks on consecutive possessions, this game is for you
  103. DREWWW! Gooden connects for another 3! He's got 16p off the bench, 2/2 from downtown #WizKings 
  104. Drew Gooden has more 3s tonight (2) than 2007-08 through 2009-10 combined (1). Seriously, what is going on here?
  105. Drew Gooden's tear these last two weeks has to be comparable to the magical play of Baron Davis in 2007 NBA Playoffs.
  106. Cousins is asking for a taunting tech. Kings still down 5.
  107. LOLOLOL Boogie taunting Gooden. Oh man, that is amazing
  108. OK, I'm going to start officially incorporating the Drew Gooden Shrug into my daily routine.
  109. If Drew Gooden and Trevor Ariza were playing 21, Ariza would have just gone back to zero. #FollowTip
  110. I get to the Metro platform right as a train is pulling up and I don't have to wait at all? #DrewGoodenShrug
  111. Gooden doing the same annoying things he use to do as a Cavalier vs the Wizards, use to annoy me.. It's all good now though
  112. Gooden will take your heart and you will like it.
  113. My wife says we need dishwashing detergent but I just *got* that detergent at CVS. #DrewGoodenShrug
  114. Screw the 10 day contracts Gooden is out here playing for other peoples jobs
  115. I just... I don't know how I lived in the Pre-Gooden Era. I don't know how I survived the struggle
  116. Offensive foul on Rudy Gay. Guess who took the charge? Drew Gooden. Wizards with a 98-93 lead w/ less than minute remaining.
  117. Gooden's position D has been excellent all night. What anticipation to draw that charge on Gay #WizardsTalk #NBA #WizKings
  118. Wall, who had no interest in shooting in the fourth quarter, jacks up a terrible three point attempt. Wiz up just 3
  119. I can't watch the end of this game. I don't have a good feeling about this #Wizards
  120. I swear. If this game goes into OT.... I may not make it
  121. Oh lord. This doesn't end well, does it?
  122. All tied up at 100. Rudy Gay with the floater.
  123. And just like that Wall misses 2FTs to ice it. Gay ties it at 100. 2 of 6 at FT line is Wall tonite #WizardsTalk #NBA #WizKings
  124. That large bang you just heard was my recap exploding into a million pieces.
  126. Um, so the #Wizards gave up a 5 point lead in no time but have 1 chance....................
  127. So Gooden has been moving heaven and earth the entire game, and Wittman takes him out that late in the game?
  128. Overtime. Need sleep, but can't sleep just yet. Let's do this, Wiz! #WizKings
  129. Soooo is Wittman gonna sign my excused absence from my 9am or...?
  130. Late night free Wizards basketball. Angering significant others across the DMV at a fast pace.
  131. Why was this your play coming out of a timeout with the game on the line? 
  132. Damn, Beal got an open look. Thought he had that one. Still not sure why you go to him the way he's been shooting all night.
  133. so the guy who has to be at work at 7am, is subjected to an overtime game at 12:30AM? COME ON
  134. Not winning this game in regulation, regardless of what happens now, was a disaster. So many things had to go wrong for SAC to tie at end.
  135. Late-night, west coast overtime Wizards basketball is exactly what everyone was hoping for.
  136. Wow. Blew a 5 point lead with 24 seconds left. Wall missed 2 FTs. Overtime in disbelief, dis-#SoWizards-belief.
  137. I just can't see the Wizards pulling off this game. Kings have ALL the momentum
  138. Yes, Beal got a good look, tho. Who will knuckle up in OT?
  139. Starters for Kings in OT: Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore, Derrick Williams, Rudy Gay and DeMarcus COusins
  140. Wizards starters in OT: John Wall, Bradley Beal, Trevor Ariza, Drew Gooden and Marcin Gortat
  141. Thomas, Cousins and McLemore all with 5 fouls.
  142. Too many missed shots for the #Wizards and the #Kings are bound to pull away. They're up 4 now. 3:27 left in OT.
  143. Isaiah Thomas has his first career triple double. Box score reads that he has 20 points, 10 assists and a career-high 10 rebounds.
  144. John Wall free throw choke job in Sacramento reprise, dear gawd #Wizards
  145. Rudy Gay sinking a long-two to put the Kings up 106-101, only to be matched by Trevor Ariza on the other end who hits a 3. 106-104 now.
  146. Bradley Beal with a big corner three to put the Wizards up 109-107. 1:41 to go in the game.
  147. Just like that, Wall blow by for lay. Wall off long rebound finds Beal and theyre up 109-107 #WizardsTalk #NBA #WizKings
  148. Wall looks out of control, he leaves his feet to pass, but he finds that corner three somehow.
  149. Crazy OT in SAC! Wiz rally and now lead Kings 109-107 w/ 1:41 to go. Wild ending...
  150. Great defense by Isaiah Thomas. Doing it all tonight.
  151. I swear if the Wizards lose I'm going to stand in the shower all night until the sun comes up lol.
  152. The fans started chanting Rudy for a brief moment after Rudy Gay's last basket to put the Kings up 111-109.
  153. In case you're wondering, Drew Gooden has gone scoreless here in the overtime period.
  154. A hero mode play for Rudy Gay worked for the Kings. Sacramento now with a 113-111 lead with 17.9 seconds to go.
  155. Wall fouls out w/13 sec left...Not sure why he was in there to give that. #WizardsTalk #NBA #WizKings
  156. Why do you not put Garrett Temple in the game there to give a foul, instead of Wall fouling out?
  157. Wow. Wittman needed to get temple and 2 others in to commit foul and didn't.
  158. After Isaiah Thomas' two free throws, the Kings now have a 115-111 lead. 13 seconds to go in the game.
  159. This feels a lot like that Jazz game to start off the west coast trip two months ago
  160. Major downgrade from "The Drew Gooden Game: The Sequel" to "Nauseating Wizards Loss: Part 239"
  161. John Wall's missed free throws cost me 30 minutes of sleep
  162. #Wizards really made me stay up for this bull crap of a game they blew! John Wall should not be missing two FT's to ice the game.
  163. #Wizards drop a tough one in OT. Final: Wizards 111 - #Kings 117... Gortat 19p-14r, Beal 19p-6r, Gooden 18p-6r. #WizKings
  164. Saw some peeps suggesting to retire #SoWizards label, unfortunately doesn't work that way, it exists for a reason, tonight is a reminder
  165. um. Wizards have Portland Thursday, back to back in LA vs. lakers, then a suddenly-decent Nuggets team in altitude Sunday. Welp
  166. Marcin Gortat's R rated lipping caps this one off swell. One of the most cringing losses of the season has to be tonight for the #Wizards.
  167. Kings DeMarcus Cousins said something spicy with a smile to seated Wizards Marcin Gortat. A furious Gortat jumped up to bark back off floor.
  168. Sorry to report folks. @WashWizards HAD it and let it slip away. Clearly one of the most disappointing losses of the year. 117-111 OT kings.
  169. @wzzntzz shouldn't have gone to sleep. You missed all sorts of improbable pain and blank states into the 1 am void.
  170. "This one will rank right up most disappointing loss of season" you said it Buck