How to Write A Cover Letter for Personal Assistant Jobs

Get information on how to write an attention-grabbing personal assistant cover letter.


  1. The personal assistant is a person who aids and guides individuals in business and personal matters. The job of a personal assistant is highly responsible and requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Thus, employers often search for eligible candidates and conduct a thorough research before recruiting them. 

    The well written cover letter here plays a very important role in attracting the employer's attention and increasing the applicant's chances of getting selected. A personal assistant cover letter helps the applicant to provide an application to the employer regarding the personal assistant job position in his or her company. Candidates usually find it difficult to draft a cover letter and often face a common question of how to write a cover letter for personal assistant jobs.

    Before writing a personal assistant cover letter, a candidate must be aware of the different job responsibilities of an personal assistant. Having knowledge about these responsibilities help the candidate specify how he or she is efficient is carrying out these duties. 

    This also creates a positive impression on the employer and makes him realize that you have adequate knowledge about the particular job position. The personal assistants should also have expert knowledge of the functionalities in the organization which if specified in the cover letter can attract the employer's attention. 

    Other than the above mentioned qualities, the applicant also needs to concentrate on the following important points:

    1.Keep your cover letter short but descriptive.

    2.Avoid making any spelling and grammatical mistakes in your cover letter.

    3.Do not copy your cover letter and try writing it in your own words.

    4.Always mention the recruiter's name instead of mentioning sir/madam.

    5.Maintain professional behavior while writing your cover letter.

    6.Avoid unnecessary use of short forms and jargons.

    7.Use the basic font Arial and font size 10 while writing your cover letter.

    8.Avoid addressing yourself as Mr/Ms. in the cover letter.

    9.Do not make your personal assistant cover letter lengthy by adding unnecessary information.

    10.Do not forget to add your address and contact details in your cover letter.

    11.Make use of action words related to the personal assistant job profile in your cover letter.

    The above mentioned points will help you understand all the essential things to be added and considered while writing a personal assistant cover letter. You can also go through different personal assistant cover letter samples that would further guide you on the format of the cover letter. To grab more tips on cover letters click here.