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Around the Baltic Sea in 5 days

What happens when six bloggers from all over the Baltic Sea Region come together to discover Warsaw, Helsinki and Tallinn in a few days? Take a look at the bloggers Asta, Esin, Ferran, Mia, Klaudia and Tobias' multimedia coverage of their One Baltic Sea Region experience here on


  1. Although not knowing each other, the excitement was high for the bloggers from all over the region, when they were about to meet in the Polish capital. 
  2. The Finn, Catalan and German met on the plane from Berlin to Warsaw and made sure that they were ready to take off to their great adventure. 
  3. The wonderful tourist guide Jerzy Wata from Warsaw picked the bloggers up at the airport and led the group to their first of many wonderful dinners, which took place in "The Inn under the Red Hog"!
  4. ... as well as a tourist attraction! First time: Smacznego (Polish for: Enjoy your meal)!
  5. A place where they were in famous company ...
  6. ... though did not end up being photographed for the restaurants wall, but were accompanied by Maria Schicht, Deputy Director of the Social Communication Centre City of Warsaw and her colleague Beata Kubiszyn-Puka. After a fantastic, overwhelming dinner and a good night back at the hotel, the travellers went on to discover the city of Warsaw with their guide Jerzy. He had a story ready in each situation and would bring the bloggers to many attractions. 
  7. They begun their Warsaw adventure with a sunny day on the roof of the University library...
  8. Warsaw /a view from the roof
    Warsaw /a view from the roof
  9. ... and went on inside gazing at the fantastic architecture and the great minds of the past. 
  10. The close-by situated Kopernikus science centre delivered several astonishing insights. Blogger Esin Güngor was especially excited about recyling. 
  11. A short pause would also allow the group to learn more about Poland and Warsaw. Jerzy once again showed his brilliant skills in storytelling.