Why I Don’t Like Open Source: a play in 3 acts.

In which Adam shares some thoughts that are becoming more prevalent in software communities


  1. Couldn't agree more. I went through a similar process myself over the past couple of years, of not caring so much about open source or pet projects related to code. Less cool stories to tell at meetups I guess, but I also spend more time doing other things I like or spending time with people I care about, and don't feel so guilty about not doing code outside of work. Because this industry often makes you feel guilty if you don't do that.
  2. And at least for me, resting well and keeping my mind on other things has actually helped me care more about my day job.
  3. Afterwards, someone tries to argue the other way with Adam.
  4. I've added some notes of my own
  5. Yep, unfortunately this is all often used as a way to get people to commit to things in a way that is more than they can probably handle. Avdi Grimm has written a very interesting article on this which is a must read:  http://devblog.avdi.org/2014/01/31/the-moderately-enthusiastic-programmer/ 
  6. Which is why you should have hiring exercises where you pair up with people to understand how they work. Also why code quality measures should not be something not properly defined and that you expect people to be good that, but something that you talk about and write down. Looking at their open source code is not the only way.
  7. And you can still give a shit without writing code. Reading about new things, keeping yourself up to date. You don't have to write open source code to do that.