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One way trip to Mars

Would you want to be part of the first human colony on Mars if it meant you could never return home? The Mars One project is hoping to put humans on Mars in a decade, but there's no coming home.


  1. Mars One 
    Mars One is a project to send the first humans to Mars in 2024, and send another team to the red planet every two years.

    Last year, 200,000 people from around the world applied to become part of the Mars One Crew and 28 year-old Australian Josh Richards is one of 1,058 people through to the next round of the application process.

    Josh says the idea of never returning home hasn't put him off.

    "I suppose there's a precedent for it for explorers in the past," he said.

    "People when they first colonised Australia weren't coming here with the intention of coming back, they were going to start a new life. In many ways this is how exploration has been done: you go there and you commit to it. " 

    Josh is hoping his experience as a physicist, army engineer and stand-up comedian give him the right skills to be part of the Mars settlement.

    Is it possible?
    The Mars One project has had a lot of criticism and has even been called a flat-out hoax.

    People have questioned whether we have the technology to make it happen, and also whether it can be done on the proposed budget of just $6billion.

    Mars One is relying heavily on marketing and advertising to get the money and they’re planning on making a reality tv show out of the mission.

    President of the Australian Mars Society Dr Jonathon Clarke says the Mars One Project is technologically possible, but the $6 billion budget might not be enough to sustain a colony. 

    "I think a properly designed mission could get people to Mars for that sort of money, but when you're talking about a long settlement and an expanding settlement, that will take more."


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