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A guy from Perth could be going to Mars!

29 year-old Josh Richards from Perth is down to the final 100 astronaut candidates to live on Mars.


  1. Hack first met 29-year-old space enthusiast Josh Richards last year.
  2. He's studied physics, engineering and worked as a stand-up comedian. And now, he could be the first Australian living on Mars.

  4. It's a mission to start a permanent human settlement on Mars by 2024. The only catch - it's a one way trip.
  5. Oh, and they'll be filming a reality TV show! So, I guess it's like Survivor + Truman Show + Mars?
  6. 200,000 people from all around the world applied, and they've been whittled down to 100.
  7. There are 50 men and 50 women from all around the world - 39 from the Americas, 31 from Europe, 16 from Asia, 7 from Africa, and 7 from Oceania.
  8. "We have some many questions and so little answers that if by doing this we're going to reveal only just a little bit more of those answers... I think it's worth a life." - Pedro Manuel Guillem, Mars One candidate.

  9. The Greatest Adventure - Life on Mars - Mars One Round Two Astronaut Selection
  10. The first crew of four people will leave on the seven-month journey to Mars in 2024. Every two years, another four people will follow them and expand the Mars hub.
  11. They'll be living in connected pods, and they'll have to grow all their own food and produce.
  12. WHAT'S NEXT?

  13. Josh will fly to The Netherlands or the USA for testing, training and evaluation. The 100 remaining astronaut candidates will be placed into teams to see how they work together, and whether or not they can ensure the hardships of living in a permanent settlement on Mars.
  14. Then the final group of 25-40 astronauts will be selected in June or July. They'll have to go through years of rigorous training to become a Mars One resident.
  15. Launch date - 2024.
  16. Josh's spent a lot of time in the last year speaking publicly about space exploration - something he's pretty passionate about. So, if he doesn't make the Mars One cut, he'll have it to fall back on.
  17. In November he was having massive doubts about going to Mars. It's still a decade away and even then the timeline is ambitious. So much can happen in a decade.
  18. Such as meeting someone. Since Josh applied he's met a girl. But if he gets chosen to go to Mars, she can't go with him.
  19. And there's still the possibility that Mars One will never get off the ground. Literally. There's been a lot of scrutiny from the space industry that it might be a scam!
  20. But Josh is pretty confident he'll get to Mars.... but maybe not in a decade.