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PinChat #19 with Daily Grommet

Listen, engage and optimize: DailyGrommet @KristiJoPhoto Test and explore. That's what has worked for us on Pinterest


  1. @DailyGrommet Please excuse our excess tweets. We've been asked to be a guest at #pinchat here on Twitter. Interested in Pinterest? Join in, all welcome!
  2. @DailyGrommet Thank you @Tribe2point0 we are excited to join tonight. Thank you for asking us to be guest. Eager to share, learn & connect!
  3. @HostessTori It's a great power hour to connect & LEARN (a plus!) RT@SandraDownie learning to do chats- met so many wonderful people this way

    @DailyGrommet Here we are on --would love to connect w/you all & check out your pins after the chat of course

    @Tribe2point0 Ready to chat all things @Pinterest?

    @DailyGrommet @Tribe2point0 Ready!

    @Tribe2point0 @DailyGrommet Q1. When did you start using @Pinterest?

    @LeeBogner @dailygrommet DG I am considering recommend #Pinterest to aid Customer Acquisition for online fashion mktplace, your POV pls
    @DailyGrommet @LeeBogner We'd say test it out - what can it hurt? Be thoughtful and transparent and see what happens

    @LeeBogner TY do u see fashion use u Like as cases ? RT @dailygrommet:@LeeBogner We'd say test it out B thoughtful
    @DailyGrommet Q1 We started using Pinterest in August of 2011 &have enjoyed testing and learning with it every day since. It's an exciting space!

    @Tribe2point0 @DailyGrommet Q2. What made your team want to use@Pinterest?

    @DailyGrommet Q2 We're always eager 2find new tools/platforms. Pinterest was a natural fit. Our products are visual & our biz translated well

    @DailyGrommet Q2 Plus, people were pinning our products before we joined-- got our attention

    @Tribe2point0 @DailyGrommet So interesting..we have heard that from@Scholastic and @ModCloth - that they had already been Pinned

    @DailyGrommet Yes, @Tribe2point0 we saw the traffic last summer and our ears perked up. Then once we discovered Pinterest we were smitten.

    @DailyGrommet Q2 (con't) And it's priceless to be able to see what people like, what they pin from our site. We wanted to be present and connect

    @tribe2point0@DailyGrommet Is listening one of the 1st steps brands should take with @Pinterest

    @DailyGrommet  re: Listening: You can learn a lot by sourcing your pins and there are often chances to connect & engage.

    @DailyGrommet You don't have to be a brand. Bloggers, artists, anyone with a website should source their pins and see what insights they can find

    @LindaSherman It has always been said that Pinterest is great for Market Research. Good to see @DailyGrommet confirm
    RT @MuchAdoMktg: . @SandraDownie Pinterest is like one big, beautiful creativity exhibit

    @LeeBogner LIKE RT @lindasherman: I have left comments on blogs to let them know I pinned that page, with a link to the pin

    @Tribe2point0 @DailyGrommet Q3. How many people & how much time is dedicated to @Pinterest?

    @DailyGrommet Q3 The majority of our team pins personally. But our@DailyGrommet account is managed by 1 (me, Tori) and I do it daily.

    @LeeBogner @dailygrommet can u elaborate on how u didnt sit back, how did u act? TY

    @DailyGrommet @GettysburgGerry @LeeBogner sure, we didn't over think it -- analyze strategy. We created our account and got our hands in there

    @GettysburgGerry @DailyGrommet @LeeBogner you jumped in with both that

    @LeeBogner @dailygrommet u refer to trial, discovery, learn from action then adjust, optimize?

    @DailyGrommet @LeeBogner You got it. That's how we approach all social efforts. It makes most sense for us and has paid off.

    @Tribe2point0 @DailyGrommet Have you been able to identify influencers/advocates with @Pinterest?

    @DailyGrommet Yes @Tribe2point0 we started by talking with our community about Pinterest, pinned along w/them, got feedback, built relationship

    @DailyGrommet Then we invited them 2 cohost a #PinterestParty with us and share about all things Pinterest. Be seen as experts themselves win/win

    @JasonPromotesU @Tribe2point0 Btw, didn't a lady get invited to pin some event couple weeks ago. I think she is considered the biggest pinner

    @Tribe2point0 @JasonPrmotesU Power Pinterest User Chosen to 'Live Pin' Event for Fashion Label

    @DailyGrommet @LeeBogner We're an ecomm site that discovers, shares (&sells) products that are new and innovative. Pinterest+traffic & DISCOVERY

    @LindaSherman: How to see if you have been pinned: pinterest dot com/source/

    @Tribe2point0 @DailyGrommet Q4. How do you choose the content that you Pin?

    @DailyGrommet Q4 As for deciding what to pin, content that is helpful, interesting, timely or otherwise innovative + have fun w/it!

    @DailyGrommet Q4 Before pinning: Do we like it? Do we think our community will like it? Not over thinking it, we participating & exploring

    @DailyGrommet very good questions to bring up before pinning  

    @DailyGrommet We're pinning as a biz but we're real people. We want to connect & build relationship. Pinterest = connecting thru images

    @Tribe2point0 @DailyGrommet Q5. Have seen an increase in sales and visits from @Pinterest?

    @DailyGrommet Q5 Like 4 many- Pinterest is a great source of traffic. Steady in top 3 of referring sites. Google, Facebook, Pinterest are top

    @DailyGrommet con't - Also exciting is that (on average), 83% of Pinterest visits are from new visitors. Pinterest = new eyes which is great

    @DailyGrommet con't - Also, curious/thoughtful peeps flow in to @DailyGrommet from Pinterest. They are already interested in product when arrived

    @Tribe2point0 @DailyGrommet Q6. Could you tell us about your Finds YOU want to see featured on Daily Grommet?

    @Tribe2point0 Here is the @DailyGrommet Finds YOU want to see @PinterestBoard 
    @DailyGrommet Q6 We look to our community to share what products THEY love. This group board was a natural fit:

    @DailyGrommet con't - Our Discovery team looks at each pinned "submission" & many are in the pipeline to be featured on our site. It's exciting!

    @Tribe2point0 @DailyGrommet so in tune with your audience! that is awesome!

    @DailyGrommet @LindaSherman We are testing a tool that is currently in Beta but Google analytics is our go-to.

    @HostessTori Join in & pin too! RT @Tribe2point0: Here is the @DailyGrommet Finds YOU want to see @Pinterest Board

    @Tribe2point0 @DailyGrommet Q7. Recently you had a Pin It to Win It contest - how was the participation, ease to manage and follow?

    @Tribe2point0 Details about @DailyGrommets recent Pin It to Win It

    @DailyGrommet Ppl were pinning prdcts they liked, but we thought it’d fun if they could win the products they pinned-“Pin it to Win it” was born

    @DailyGrommet Like anything else, we like to test & see what works. Interest was great, hundreds of submissions in 3 wks + many new visits

    CASUDI @DailyGrommet ~pin it to win it ~ gives you a window into your customers:-) & potential ones ~ Love it

    @Tribe2point0 Here are the winners of the @DailyGrommet's Pin It to Win It 

    @RayJGordon @DailyGrommet Thanks for the many useful insights on #pinchat

    @DailyGrommet We’re eager to continue testing promos on @Pinterest. We have a growing & engaging community & love creating fun ways 2 reward them