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PinChat 18 with Jennifer Windrum ~ WTF? For Lung Cancer

How to use Pinterest for causes to create awareness, advocacy, educate, and easily share resources with Jennifer Windrum for WTF? For Lung Cancer.


  1. @CASUDI IMPORTANT INVITE to #pinchat tonight Host @Tribe2point0 Guest @jenniferwindrum
  2. @jenniferwindrum Very excited to take part! RT @CASUDI: IMPORTANT INVITE to#pinchat tonight Host @Tribe2point0 #Pinchat
  3. @wordwhacker Yes! RT @AidaofNubia@jenniferwindrum Your boards for @wtflungcancer are simply amazing. Looking forward to hearing more. #pinchat
  4. @EveryCrayon @jenniferwindrum @tribe2point0 I just have to say that using wtf for "where's the funding" is BRILLIANT. #pinchat
  5. @jenniferwindrum @EveryCrayon Thanks a million. Knew I had to cut through the clutter with something a bit edgy.
     It was "Mom-approved." :)
  6. @Tribe2point0 @jenniferwindrum Q1. Why did you start using Pinterest? #pinchat

    @jenniferwindrum A1: I started using Pinterest probably just like everyone else did...played around for a bit, then realized, WHOA. This is huge. #Pinchat

    @jenniferwindrum A1: I saw the power of curation with the visuals I need to help me tell my cause's story- & to help empower advocates at same time #Pinchat

    @wordwhacker A1 The message in @Jenniferwindrum's boards is highlighted by having the visuals. Really effective. #pinchat

    @jenniferwindrum A1: I started pinning a few #lungcancer related things to my personal Pinterest account, but realized I needed a separate account. #Pinchat

    @jenniferwindrum A1: I had many people start following the lung cancer boards and realized it was time to devote entire account to the cause. #Pinchat

    @Tribe2point0 Check out the @wtflungcancer @Pinterest boards  #pinchat

    @EveryCrayonUsing @pinterest for causes. AWESOME. #pinchat

    @jenniferwindrum A1 I was concerned at first about abusing Pinterest with "marketing stuff," but try to keep it to story-telling, resources & tools.

    @wordwhacker Great thing about your boards, @jenniferwindrum, is that they work like a powerpoint for us to show others

    @CASUDI @Tribe2point0 @wordwhacker @Jenniferwindrum This is why Pinterest works so well ~ pinning the RIGHT visuals = powerful message

    @jenniferwindrum A1 tools for advocates to be able to access & share in one spot.To empower advocates, we need to make advocacy as easy as possible

    @wordwhacker Thank you. I try to create pins that others can easily share...and that are immediately understandable in that one pin

    @jenniferwindrum A1 Most people don't that know ANYONE can get lung cancer. Pictures of children & others are most powerful way to illustrate this.

    @wordwhacker @Jenniferwindrum I like especially your board organization. People can immediately see where to go for advocacy, etc.

    @jenniferwindrum @CASUDI Just like my Mom, ANYONE can get lung cancer. It's the#1 cancer killer of men & women and least funded..STIGMA.

    @jenniferwindrum A1 Of course, there are sooo many additional boards I need to work on...the pinning never stops, does it?

    @Tribe2point0 @jenniferwindrum Q2. Why did you start Pinning things about WTF?

    @jenniferwindrum A2 I started pinning about WTF? because it is a very visual story & message I'm trying to tell. People. We connect to people.

    @jenniferwindrum A2 Pinterest was a perfect way to help further my advocacy efforts, telling my Mom's story & others. Trying to help educate others.

    @jenniferwindrum A2 Unfortunately, we don't really think about a disease until we are impacted by it somehow. Why would we?

    @jenniferwindrum A2 My point is to create change. Lung cancer has been neglected for 40 years. No improvement in survival rate - only 15%.

    @BeingMarci @Tribe2point0 I like theme -important to see different ways@pinterest can advocate/educate too, not alway about perfect cupcakes

    @CedarBrown Been workin w a family near here, they do an annual Rock Cancer concert, and creating a strategy to build an acnt! This is helpful!

    @jenniferwindrum A2. This neglect is absolutely unacceptable. So, my Mom and I--and the WTF-ers are on a mission to bring attention & more funding

    @jenniferwindrum A2 Mom was diagnosed nearly 7 years ago. Amazing she's still here. We are nearing the end, unfortunately.Brave lady to share story

    @jenniferwindrum A2 I'm a former reporter turned PR/social media peep, so when Mom was diagnosed, I felt compelled to try to create change.

    @jenniferwindrum A2 Through Pinterest, I have reached new advocates. It's been incredible.

    @marcoscopic @KaryD Thanks for dropping that tweet. The Pinterest for advocacy conversation is super interesting.

    @okeydokeydebbie  @jenniferwindrum great to use your background but must be tough to be personally involved, admiration 4 you 

    @jenniferwindrum @okeydokeydebbie It's very interesting, as I feel like all my career skills have come full circle for a purpose. Serendipity. :)

    @jenniferwindrum A2 I speak a lot about using SM to create change for NPOs, etc. My main message: Know you have a voice. Know it makes a difference

    @jenniferwindrum A2 Pinterest has been an amazing curation tool. Instead of searching all over my blog or FB page for info..again, I can pin it.

    @Tribe2point0 @jenniferwindrum Q3. Are you using @Pinterest for fundraising?

    @jenniferwindrum A3 I'm not using Pinterest for fundraising at the moment. I'm really focusing on building awareness

    @jenniferwindrum A3 I'm not actually sure I'd be comfy fundraising on Pinterest, to be honest. It would have to be highly strategic campaign...

    @Tribe2point0 @wordwhacker @LindaSherman Here is one for NPOs on @Pinterest

    @jenniferwindrum A3 highly strategic campaign that tied with the storytelling. Very sensitive to not abuse Pinterest. Raising $ doesn't feel right.

    @jenniferwindrum A3 Yes, awareness leads to donations. I have a huge barrier just getting people to move beyond the stigma.

    @jenniferwindrum A3 Sometimes I will have a "Pinterest "break" during the day where I share something fun from a board.

    @Tribe2point0 @jenniferwindrum Q4. You have personal Pinterest profile &1 for@wtflungcancer should causes have many accounts 4 more awareness? 

    @jenniferwindrum A4 I created a separate account b/c I saw the need. I also created WTF? account b/c I am more than a "lung cancer girl."

    @jenniferwindrum A4 So, I try to separate myself when I can...where it makes sense.

    @jenniferwindrum A4 It all goes back to content. If a cause has content that's visual in nature & has story to tell, I say Yes to an account.