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Pinchat 17 with High Point Market

Fantastic chat with @HPMarketNews and how they are using Pinterest.


  1. @HPMarketNews Looking forward to tonight's #pinchat at 10pm. We'll be talking about #StyleSpotters at #hpmkt
  2. @Tribe2point0 @HPMarketNews Hi! How are you? Safe and sound from the storms? #Pinchat
  3. @HPMarketNews Storms will hit here a bit later, but thanks for asking #pinchat#hpmkt
  4. @tribe2point0  Joining us tonight is Cheminne Taylor-Smith VP of Marketing@HPMarketNews #Pinchat
  5. @tribe2point0 @HPMarketNews Welcome and thanks again for joining us on this stormy night - ready for the 1st question?
  6. @Tribe2point0 @HPMarketNews Q1. When did you start using Pinterest?
  7. @HPMarketNews @Tribe2point0 started late summer, early fall. Trade show (largest in world for furniture) is in Oct. and we debuted then. #pinchat#hpmkt
  8. @wordwhacker @Tribe2point0 is @HPMarketNews supposed to be answering the questions, or us? #pinchat
    @wordwhacker they are for all to answer and @HPMarketNews too - especially the later questions:)
  9. @Tribe2point0 @HPMarketNews Q2. Why did you start using Pinterest? 

    @CrownPublishing #Pinterest lovers - head on over to #pinchat, happening right now.

    @HPMarketNews @Tribe2point0 A2 to generate interest in amazing new products at#hpmkt, showcase top decor trends, generate buzz, drive traffic #pinchat
  10. @Tribe2point0 @HPMarketNews Q3. What is Style Spotters? #pinchat
  11. @Tribe2point0 RT @HPMarketNews: A3 pt2: Winner wins free trip to next market #hpmkt #pinchat

    @HPMarketNews A3 pt 3: Spotters for Spring #hpmkt (April 21-26) can be found here #pinchat
    @HPMarketNews A3 AND - no need to worry about copyright because they are using their own photos. #pinchat #hpmkt
  12. @Tribe2point0 @HPMarketNews Q4. How does StyleSpotters work at High Point Market? #pinchat

    @Tribe2point0 @HPMarketNews has recruited home fashion trendsetters to showcase their favorite products & top trends #pinchat

    @HPMarketNews A4: The spotters also give cards to exhibitors that say they were "spotted". Those cards are like badges of honor now... #hpmkt #pinchat

    @Tribe2point0  High Point Market: A Fashion Show for Furnishings #Pinchat