Cargo Containers Va plus their Multiple Purposes

Outside of the classic utilisation of stowing large or small things, shipping containers also have manifold uses such as refrigerated storage and even modifications to make an ecologically friendly/ green residence (often out of 2 or three containers).


  1. Apart from conventional usage of storing small
    or large inventory,
    shipping containers have manifold uses including refrigerated stowage and even modifications to produce an ecologically
    friendly/ green habitat (frequently from 2 or 3 containers).

    Shipping Containers Virginia

    Whatever your container preferences, Virginia’s own CCS
    provides what you’re looking for. The capability to ship anyplace in our world combined with
    affable client service result in making the CCS experience amazing.

    Be certain to give Bill
    Garvey a ring at 757-494-8150 for any questions you have- odds are, our more than thirty years of know-how in the industry
    allows our company to recommend the best and most
    well-suited shipping container choice when it comes to your desires!

    Storage Containers Virginia and the Consolidated Container Systems Experience

    You’ll want to use our skill to make certain that
    you purchase a container that is in great shape for your requirements as well as far from an eyesore. You
    positively do not want a dented and tarnished container which has water
    leaks- so make certain you do business with experienced experts. CCS
    are considered the total opposite of
    an eye sore!

    A lot of people employ
    our units for one time
    haulage and
    decide to retain their unit readily available to stow the
    items semi permanently. In the event you have an assortment of sport
    bikes and do not have room for a
    traditional garage area, our units
    are excellent spots for wrenching on a Harley Davidson or anything your hobby may
    Modification with electrical power is useful
    to provide power for illumination and electric heating units.

    Storage Containers Va

    A further usage is a full
    renovation into a residence.
    It is way more cost-effective to make a house using this method in contrast to new development. The idea is becoming more popular, as substantiated from the
    key character in the flick Tron:
    Legacy modified cargo container residence.

    Shipping Containers Va and Clever

    Thinking out side the proverbial "box" is our policy at Consolidated Container
    Systems- in fact, we have been
    supplying storage containers Virginia
    people for unique projects for longer than 30 years.

    (757) 494- 8150 and ask Bill if he can enable you to
    solve a unique problem of storage or transportation!

    A lot of folks regularly put
    all their eggs in a single basket, besides using a storage container for a domicile. People who travel
    frequently, as an example, could
    store most of their baggage in the
    cargo container and simply have it
    sent to their next site when it’s time to move.
    This choice really beats the heck out of doing business
    with moving services every few months or years!

    Consolidated Container Systems, in Virginia
    Beach, can supply these storage/ shipping/ cargo

    40 footers
    Refrigerated units
    Flat racks

    Keeping your cool: Refrigerated cargo containers Va

    Speaking of
    climate control, it’s one of the top modifications and is significantly
    great for
    those invoved with the food service industry.
    At a fraction of the asking
    price of new building, a refrigerated unit is
    usually a economically responsible option.

    Actually, any company
    which needs cold storage will find
    this choice attractive. You do
    not necessarily have the time, money or
    the desire to add a new
    permanent building at your location,
    effectively making this a particularly tempting solution for cash conscious business people.

    For one more of the most usual uses for a container is in the capacity of a movable office which can be transferred from site to
    site. Construction agencies usually find
    this approach tempting and hassle free to apply.

    Phone Bill at (757) 494- 8150
    then inform him what your cargo
    requirements are. Consolidated Container Systems located
    in Virginia Beach offers storage
    containers Va customers need!

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