Napa Valley Harvest 2011

The story of the 2011 Napa Valley wine grape harvest as told by wineries throughout the valley.

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  1. November 8th: Napa Valley wraps up harvest. Tim Mondavi says "wine is the beverage of generosity."
  2. Napa Valley Wraps-up Harvest 2011
  3. October 28th - November 3rd: As October came to an end, harvest neared completion for many across the valley...And likely not a moment too soon as rain was once again in the forecast for late in the week.
  4. Our #NVHarvest is complete! See the full album on FB: & Thanks to our amazing vineyard crews!
  5. Toasting the last day of Crush 2011!
  6. October 21st - 27th: Red grape harvest continued in earnest across the valley as morning temperatures continued to dip.
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