Tips for Writing Design Brief for New Home or Remodel


  1. The basic fact about building new houses and, even, remodeling is that there is a lot of difference between what you want to see in your home and what you really need. This is the reason most of the people end spending much more than what they should spend on constructing new home or remodeling the existing one.
  2. In this scenario, the better idea would be to write down the home design brief. A home design bring is basically an informal document which covers major aspects of the home including appearance, orientation, construction methods, cost, location and sensory qualities.
  3. Design brief essentially serves as the foundation of your home design. It mainly includes the objectives which you want to achieve with the construction or remodel. Good news is that you can revert back when you see something not working in this initial documentation.
  4. With that said, there are a few steps you will need to take into your consideration.
  5. List down your likes

  6. The first step in this process is to list down the things you want to include, and the reason you want them to be on the list. You may collect the pictures of the designs with the features you want in your new home. These images are going to tell you about the type of home you want to build.
  7. Look at the features in the pictures closely to find out what attracts you the most about those items and features. It would be the next-level thing to imagine living in such environment. You will quickly learn about the reality of those features. At that time of imagination, your first instinct is going to tell you what to do next.
  8. Look at the way you live right now

  9. Now, you will have to look at your own way of living. There are a few questions that you will need to ask yourself in this regard. For instance:
  10. • The things that you like and also the things you don’t like at the place you live.
    • Rooms which you prefer spending time in.
    • Things you like and dislike about the spaces in your home.
    • The type of furniture you like.
    • Things that you want to improve according to your preferences.
  11. Make a list of spaces

  12. This step is about drawing the list of spaces you want to look in your new home. This process may be a little hard than what it may seem like. So take your time and look closely what kind of spaces you really want created in your new home. There can be doubts and uncertainties involved in this step. But this is the normal thing to happen. Focus on what you really want.
  13. Do some analysis of the list you have

  14. The analysis of list is basically about looking at the functionalities. What you have listed down the types of spaces, you must have an idea regarding what these spaces are supposed to do. Write down the functionality of every space. Furthermore, you can create categories and place the spaces in those categories. You will be amazed to look at the things from new perspectives.
  15. Finalize

  16. This step is the most difficult one. But if you have followed everything in the list properly, it wouldn’t be difficult to make the final decision. In this step, you are going to correct the mistakes and get rid of the unrealistic considerations. Take time while doing this refinement. The end proposal would be what you really want in very realistic way.
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