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That Time I Went To A Trump Rally

Trump Rally in RVA June 10, 2016. Trump plays "Tiny Dancer" at the rally, FYI.


  1. I just got the "berntard" joke. As in, just this moment. Some of the rally-goers did mock those who were protesting in the barricaded "free speech zones". Many others tried to pretend not to see them. The police made it impossible to stand and view, in any case. The police told us several times that we had to either go to protest cage or into the convention center and we had to be moving at all times.
  2. The market around these rally was interesting. It's the concert market but different swag. Several of the vendors were black. In fact, I'd say the most aggressive vendors were two black men, one with blonde spiky hair and another older, larger man. They were selling carnie style. The other vendors were way more low-key, or at least they were with me. One engaged my white female friend directly. Another vendor, a young white woman did not engage me at all and seemed to physically shrink when I approached her cart. All in all, it was pretty much like most normal shopping experiences while black!
  3. One thing that is captured in data on Trump supporters but not teased out well: how many middle class and upper class whites support him. At this rally, there were certainly the stereotypical blue collar, low income supporters (as judged, as we do such things, by visible status markers: clothing, style, teeth, weight, speech patterns, etc.). But, a fair number of those attending were from the Khaki Brigade: middle class, middle America whites for whom something like Gap's "Dress Normal" ad campaign is made. They were soccor moms and business class members. Many of them had their children with them. We cannot entirely blame or credit (depending on your disposition) the poor whites left behind in the new economy for Trump's political career.
  4. As a young Gen-Xer or Old Millenial (who knows which?), I continue to be amazed by how real Communism as a legitimate threat to America is for many people. I associate the red scare and cuban missile crisis and nucleur bomb drills and McCarthy with history. This crowd talked about communism a lot.
  5. Borrowing the term negrospotting from 2012 RNC coverage (for a practice at least 300 years old for black people who seek safety in numbers), I kept track of the black people at the Trump rally. There were more than a handful but less than a bus-ful. Using my patented (and scientifically sound, really) black-dar, many of them were black ethnics, black men in interracial relationships, and middle class blacks.
  6. I am new to RVA and did not catch many of the names for elected officials that spoke. You should note corrections and google the agenda if interested.