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Wife of Atlanta Braves Trainer in Fatal Accident

Sad news for Atlanta Braves fans and our beloved Atlanta Braves trainer Jeff Porter. It is being reported that his wife has passed away to due to an auto accident with a police office in Atlanta, Georgia over the New Year's Holiday.


  1. There are witnesses that describe the accident as something that was bound to happen.  A witness notices just that even before the fatal car accident happened.  "As soon as I saw him go past I said ‘man I hope he don't hit nobody,"  Steve Bouye said. "Seconds later I heard a big blast like a train crash."  This is a witness describing both what he heard and saw at the time of the deadly car accident.
  2. Deadly Accident - Braves Trainer's Wife - Joseph P. McClelland
  3. According to Georgia State Patrol spokesman Gordy Wright, "any personnel actions related to the crash will be based on the findings of the various investigations".   "We had people out there trying to help an innocent family," Bouye said. "I know it caught them off-guard. It was sad. It bothered me the whole day yesterday. You could just tell that was a good loving family."
  4. People on Twitter have been very nice about the accident.  As they should, but with social media you never can tell.  Many tweeters are wishing the family the best and praying for them.  Here are some examples of recent tweets about the death of the Atlanta Braves trainer.
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  6. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Fulton County District Attorney's office will investigate the Saturday crash that killedKathy Porter, 54, wife of the Braves Head Athletic Trainer Jeff Porter, according to recent reports.

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