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How Long Does It Take to Get an Uncontested Divorce in Georgia?

The purpose of this article is to cover how long it will take to divorce in Cobb, Fulton, Dekalb, Henry and Butts County, Georgia. If you think exactly 31 days, don't make any plans just yet!


  1. Georgia Attorney Joseph P McClelland
    Georgia Attorney Joseph P McClelland
  2. The statute that controls says that the petitioner must wait 31 days after the divorce complaint to file certain motions to get the judge to consider signing the divorce order incorporating the language of the settlement agreement.  But that is not all that goes into the timeline of getting a Georgia uncontested divorce.

    On the 31st day, our Georgia divorce law firm will submit the motions to the clerk of the court in the relevant county.  So, if you are getting divorced in Cobb County, then we will get the documents to the Cobb County Superior Court.  If your divorce is in Henry County, then the Henry County Superior Court will receive your completed divorce filing.

    Only at this point does the clerk submit the file to the judge's assistant to review.  Once he or she reviews the file for completeness, the file will be given the judge.

    Then, your file goes through the same set of people to get back to our office.  The judge to his assistant, the assistant to the clerk, the clerk to the divorce attorney, and the divorce attorney back to you.  

    So, does it take 31 days to get a divorce of the uncontested variety in Georgia?  No,  it takes slightly longer.  You have to consider each court and their backlog.  Some counties are super fast, think Butts County, and some are not, think Fulton County.  The good news is that plus or minus a week to a week and one-half after the 31st day, you will receive a happy phone call telling you that your Georgia divorce is complete.
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