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Jemima Khan Misprepresented About #Assange Asylum Tweets & ChrChristensen's Subtle Undermining of Wikileaks

Media Professor Christian Christensen MT's the Tweets that spawn media shit-storm but uninterested in Khan's later clarifications. #Assange #Wikileaks #JemimaKhan #smear


  1. Introduction: Christian Christensen is a Professor of Media and Communications, specialised to social media, at Uppsala University in Sweden. He's originally from the United States and has a fairly international background. He calls himself a Wikileaks supporter and has received some international attention as the role of someone who can speak on the Wikileaks issue generally and the Assange-Sweden issue in particular. Wikileaks has even listed Christensen as a person "knowledgeable about Wikileaks" on their webpage (, although Wikileaks "unfollowed" Christensen on Twitter already some time ago.

    Time and again, Christensen shows himself hostile to the cause of justice for Julian Assange and to Wikileaks and Wikileaks supporters. He falsely ascribes all kinds of behaviours to Assange & Wikileaks supporters and himself plays a sometimes-subtle, sometimes-overt game of undermining Wikileaks and Assange while using Wikileaks and Assange as a vehicle for his own career advancement. The following is just a recent and very small example of this.

  2. Jemima Khan posts a Tweet after Julian Assange heads to Embassy of Ecuador.
    Date: June 21 2012 21:21
  3. It's a 2-parter but, unfortunately not labeled as such:
    Date: June 21 2012 21:21
  4. Christian Christensen RT's, commenting that the Tweet is "unexpected"
    Date: June 22, 2012 0:400
  5. Christensen is faithful to the fact that it is a 2-parter and RT's the 2nd part immediately following
    Date: June 22 2012 04:02
  6. Jemima Khan's Assange asylum Tweet(s) causes a shit storm in international media, with many media picking up only the first part of the Tweet and ignoring the second part.  Guardian, true to form, is one of these:
  7. The Telegraph is another...
  8. Khan clarifies
    Date: June 22, 2012 11:30
  9. treisiroon points out that it's clarification time.
  10. As the shit storm continues to be blown all out of proportion & media tries to smear Assange that he has taken the bail money of these poor unsuspecting backers, Jemima Khan speaks out
    Date: June 22, 2012 20:19
  11. and June 23, 2012 1:50
  12. treisiroon asks Christensen why he hasn't RT'd those clarifications:
    Date: June 23 2012 17:23
  13. Someone else gives their opinion:
    Date: June 23, 2012 18:08