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A Frankenstorm Explainer: Tracking Hurricane Sandy, Emergency Response and Connection to Climate Change

UPDATED: What first looked like an overblown forecast quickly turned into a deadly serious storm. Here's a look at the lead-up to Hurricane Sandy, the impact it has had and the thoughts and questions we've had along the way.


  1. UPDATE: Wednesday, Oct. 31 2:19 pm EST
  2. Now that the storm has passed and people have had a day to assess the damage and report their findings, we're hearing all sorts of tragic stories. Here are a few that caught our eye.
  3. The damage to Breezy Point queens is just horrendous. Our thoughts go out to all of those that lost their homes in the fire. 
  4. Hoboken, NJ is also still in a serious situation due to flood waters. 
  5. The storm has also affected the normal flow of city life in NYC. With the subway out, traffic is a nightmare. 
  6. Rats are a (bigger than norma) problem. 
  7. Sadly, some of NY's best sustainability projects, like urban beekeeping, experienced significant loses. 
  8. In lighter news, the storm has led to some generous offers of help, like this from a NY network of gyms. 

  9. UPDATE: Tuesday, Oct. 30 7:44 pm EST
  10. I'm happy to report that thankfully all of the TreeHugger team in the path of Hurricane Sandy made it through the storm safely. Some are without power, but we're all okay. We hope all of our readers are doing okay, as well. Our thoughts go out to those still dealing with the aftermath of this incredible storm. We'll continue updating this Storify periodically. 

    If you haven't seen pictures of the flooding in New York City and surrounding areas, I compiled a bunch of photos here: 
  11. Sandy floods NYC, New Jersey subways
  12. Sandy floods New York City subways
  13. With such extensive flooding of the NY subway system, Lloyd makes a good point that cities need to focus on building resilient transportation systems, which means encouraging more biking and walking.