TRC Cross Creative- San Francisco 2017

A once in a lifetime opportunity for seven of Scotland's leading digital media professionals to gain access to the world's most exciting and innovative tech companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

  1. Cross Creative is TRCmedia’s transformative training and development programme for senior tech / creative professionals in Scotland’s digital media sector.
    It is a fantastic opportunity to achieve essential professional growth and gain a competitive edge with money-can’t-buy access to some of the world’s most exciting and innovative tech, creative and digital companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, plus workshops aimed at tackling business issues, building confidence, ambition and the determination to succeed.
  2. The international field trip is the final stage of a six month training programme, consisting of monthly in house sessions at the TRC offices with trainers and industry leaders from Scotland and beyond.
  3. As the in house sessions draw to a close, excitement for the big Stateside trip begins to mount...
  4. Day 1: Touchdown in San Fran! The delegates arrive in Sunny San Fran and attempt to find their feet in the city...on wheels. Time for a bike tour to explore the city before the real work begins.
  5. TRC Cross Creative 2016/17 - Day 1
  6. Day 2: IDEO, Smule and Facebook: The trip kicked off with a trip to award-winning global design and innovation consultancy IDEO. Then it was over to meet Jane from Smule: a mobile app company that aims to connect the world through music. Finally, the delegates headed over to meet Joel Pobar, Director of Engineering at intro necessary for that one!
  7. TRC Cross Creative 2016/17 - Day 2
  8. IDEO
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