On January 1 1914 the St Petersburg-Tampa Airboat line was able to make a 23-minute flight across Tampa Bay in Florida, in the United States and a century later, an average of 8 million people fly every day.


  1. As this being the first Issue of 2014 we would like to take the opportunity to wish all our readers a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR AND SAFE TRAVELS IN 2014.  

    Again this year we will issue every week a new TravJouS Newsletter, keeping you updated with the latest travel news, stories and information.  Also a list of any updates made in the TravJouS Airline Flight Check-in Travel Apps.

  2. Issue 1:  January 8, 2014

    Table of Contents:

    1.  Main Story:  100 Years of Scheduled Commercial Aviation
    2.  Highlights - Airline Flight Check-in Travel App
    3.  Australian Open
    4.  Airline Travel Route Information
    5.  A weekly summary of Airline Industry and Travel News
    6.  Airline Flight Check-in Travel App Updates

  3. The world’s first commercial flight was 100 years ago on New Year’s Day.  The St Petersburg-Tampa Airboat line was able to make a 23 minutes flight across Tampa Bay, Florida and itcost Abram Pheil $400 (equivalent to $10,000 today).  He bought his ticket at an auction to become the world’s first paying passenger.  The flight had only one passenger, one pilot, one 22-mile route and one rickety wooden open-cockpit plane with a 75hp engine.

    The Benoist XIV flying boat’s cruising speed and altitude above the bay was a dizzying 60mph and 5ft!  Today a Boeing Dreamliner, which carries passengers in jet lag-busting comfort for up to 9,444 miles with hi-tech entertainment, has a speed of 640mph and altitude of 42,000ft.

    The inaugural scheduled air service on January 1, 1914 was the brainchild of four men – engineer Percival Fansler, who organised the funding for the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line; Thomas Benoist, who owned the aircraft; Tony Jannus, the pilot; and Pheil, the mayor of St Petersburg.

    From those humble beginnings the international aviation sector has grown.  100 years average of 8 million people fly every day, with total passenger numbers for 2013 of 3.1 billion, passing the 3 billion mark for the first time.  

    About 50 million tonnes of cargo, worth $6.35trillion, is transported by air each year and the global aviation industry supports at least 57 million jobs and generates $2,2 trillion in economic activity. If translated into the growth domestic product (GDP) of countries it would place commercial aviation in 19th position in the world.

  4. This year indications are the global airline industry will post a turnover of $743 billion with an average industry net profit margin of 2,6%.

    Tony Tyler, chief executive and director general of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) quotes, "Over the last century, commercial aviation has transformed the world in ways unimaginable in 1914. The first flight provided a short-cut across Tampa Bay. Today the aviation industry reunites loved ones, connects cultures, expands minds, opens markets, and fosters development. Aviation provides people around the globe with the freedom to make connections that can change their lives and the world.  Aviation is a force for good. And the potential of commercial flight to keep changing the world for the better is almost unlimited. Aviation has always been a team effort. Growing and sustainably spreading the benefits of connectivity will require the industry, governments, regulators and local communities keep true to the ‘all-in-it-together’ ethos that was the bedrock of that pioneering first flight. And we should be guided by the long-term interests of all whose lives are positively transformed by commercial aviation every day. A hundred years is something worth celebrating. And we look forward to creating an equally remarkable legacy for commercial aviation’s second century."

    In 2014 the expectations are to be 3.3 billion passengers, an equivalent to around 44% of the world’s population.

    As further indicators of just how great a role commercial aviation plays in the international economy the Association points out that 52 aircrafts take off every minute. In the same timeframe 5 700 passengers will board an aircraft somewhere in the world and more than $12 million worth of cargo is delivered.

    Sixty seconds in today’s world also sees the global international aircraft fleet log over 70 000km.

    In the coming weeks, as the 100th anniversary is celebrated, we will take you through the 100 year timeline and highlight various momentous years.  Next week:  1919 KLM operated its first flight.


  5. In the next few years the IT used by airports, airlines and passengers will change significantly.  IATA predicts within 10 years 80% of passengers will be adopting a "self-service" approach to the departure process.  This means of self-services puts the control into the hands of the customers.  According to an IATA survey over 50% of passengers would like to see more self-service options in order to reduce queues throughout the airport experience.  To achieve this, IATA is putting in place a number of industry standards that aim at lower costs to give passengers more options and more control over their journeys.  This means the passenger will most likely be seeing a lot less airport and airline employees and their first interaction with a human face could be with a flight attendant in the airplane.

    Today the involvement of a Smartphone is also becoming a major benefit to both airport and passenger.  This is where TravJouS Travel App:  Airline Flight Check-in World, is already contributing to the self-service process.  Not only can a passenger check-in online, this Travel App also gives passengers access to current information about the status of their journey from A to B.  Airline Flight Check-in World goes one step further:  Not only airline check-in is possible (to more than 210+ airlines world wide) but also car rental and hotel check-in can be done via this App.  This is only the tip of the iceberg what you can do with this travel app.  In the upcoming weeks we will be going through the app step by step of all it functions.  This way you will know what is all possible.  This week we will highlight it's main function Airline Flight Check-in (boarding pass).
  6. When you start up the App you will come to the Main Menu:  You can choose Home Base Airline, Categories, or Travel Support.  The first two options can be used to achieve your boarding pass.

    Home Base Airlines
    If you know the Home Base of the airline you are flying with, tap on which part of the world it is based in.  Example KLM is based in Europe, this means you tap on Europe. By scrolling the pages you will find your Airline (these are all in alphabetical order).  Fill in the necessary information and you will get your boarding pass.  Your boarding pass will either appear on your screen, then you can save this by tapping on the boarding pass symbol at the right hand bottom corner.  Sometimes you will get your boarding pass via an email.  If you have an iOS device then you can save this on your passbook.  With other smartphone devices just use the image given via your email.

    You can also select your airline via the Categories button.  You will then have a choice from Major Airlines, Low Cost, One World, SkyTeam and Star Alliance.  Same as above, all airlines are listed in alphabetical order.  Choose your airline and then follow the same procedure as written above.

    My Favorites
    Do you fly with an airline often? Then add this airline to your "Favorites" (star).  Now instead of scrolling through all the airlines you can go directly to your "Favorite" airline(s).
    210+ Airlines World Wide
    With the Airline Flight Check-in App you can check-in to more than 210+ airlines World Wide.  If when using the App, you cannot find your airline please inform us and if possible we will a.s.a.p. add it to the app.  Very important  to know is the App is using REAL TIME DATA, meaning you will always have the most up to date data at all times.

    Next week we will highlight the Category button:  Airports


    2014 is a year with many World Wide Sporting Events such as Winter Olympic Games in Russia and FIFA World Cup in Brazil. This means many more extra flights to these countries and busier airports. First though the Australian Open will kick start the tennis season down under. Starts January 13 and ends January 26.  
  7. If you are planning to travel to Mebourne to watch some tennis avoid hassles at the check-in lines at the airport and check-in online with your smartphone BEFORE you go to the airport.

    Use TravJouS Travel App AIRLINE FLIGHT CHECK-IN. Includes more than 210+ airlines world wide. It is your check-in kiosk in the palm of your hand. The App is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Links to these apps you can find at the end of this Newsletter.


    Hereunder a list of Airline Travel Route Information from January 1 up until January 7.  Please note all information is based on the flight schedule data loaded in the airline GDS system on the day of posting.  Individual carriers tend to modify schedule on weekly or daily basis, mat result in subject to change without notice.  As a result, all information posted are for general reference only.  Also this information is not affiliated to any air carriers.  For more detailed information go to .


    Picture:  Virgin Atlantic Expands DELTA North American Codeshare Service from Jan 2014

  8. Ethiopian Airlines Cancels Seychelles Service from March 2014

    AIRFRANCE S14 Hong Kong Service Changes

    Correction: Malaysia Airlines to Start Krabi Service from Feb 2014

    Korean Air Plans One-Time A380 Service to Prague in March 2014

    Wizz Air to Start Donetsk – Budapest Service from late-April 2014

    Wizz Air to Start Prague – Tel Aviv Service from late-March 2014

    Shanghai Airlines Expands Capacity on Shanghai Hongqiao – Taipei Song Shan Service from mid-Jan 2014

    Far Eastern Air Transport to Start Taipei Song Shan – Tianjin Service from late-January 2014

    China Eastern Suspends Cairns Service from late-Feb 2014

    Korean Air Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Narita Service Reductions Jan – Mar 2014

    germanwings to Start Hamburg – Karlsruhe Service from late-March 2014

    Emirates Ethiopia May – July 2014 Service Reductions

    Emirates Ahmedabad Operational Aircraft Changes from August 2014

    Aurora Increases Vladivostok – Dalian Service in S14


    JetBlue Planned Mono-class A321 Jul/Aug 2014 Operations as of 02JAN14

    Silk Air S14 Operation Changes as of 02JAN14

    Hainan Airlines to Start Beijing – Denpasar Service from mid-Jan 2014

    Thai Lion Air Reduces Jakarta Service from January 2014

    Garuda Indonesia to Add A330 Service to Bangkok from January 2014

    Air New Zealand NS14 Denpasar Operation Changes as of 02JAN14

    Mandarin Airlines Jan – Mar 2014 Taichung – Ho Chi Minh Operation Changes

    Korean Air Plans Limited Boeing 747 Operation to Dubai in late-Jan 2014

    Thai Lionair to Increase Chiang Mai Service from Jan 2014

    Turkish Airlines Adds Trabzon – Berlin Tegel Service in S14

    Turkish Airlines Increases Kuala Lumpur Service from late-March 2014

    DELTA Plans New Domestic Boeing 717 Markets in S14

    DELTA Atlanta – Sao Paulo Operational Aircraft Changes from March 2014

    Vietjetair Begins Vinh City – Da Lat Service from late-Dec 2013

    Cebu Pacific Adds Davao – Bacolod Service from late-Jan 2014


    Cathay Pacific Accelerates Last Boeing 747-400 Long-Haul Service to Sep 2014

    China Southern to Start New York JFK Service from August 2014

    MeridianaFly Adds New Service to London Gatwick in S14

    Meridianafly Adds Mostar Operation in S14

    airmalta to Start Operation to Parma from June 2014

    ANA S14 Tokyo Narita – Hiroshima / Komatsu Service Changes as of 03JAN14

    AerLingus Further Expands Shannon – New York JFK Operation in S14

    AerLingus W14 Toronto Operation Changes as of 03JAN14

    CityJet Cancels 3 German Routes from London City in S14

    NextJet to Start Oslo / Sandefjord Service from Feb/Mar 2014

    Oman Air S14 Frankfurt Operation Changes as of 03JAN14

    Air Europa Revises Planned NS14 Salvador da Bahia Operation

    China Eastern April 2014 Vancouver Service Reductions

    QATAR Airways Reduces Manila Service in W13

    TAP Portugal European Service Increase from July 2014

    DELTA Feb – May 2014 Minneapolis – Tokyo Narita Operation Changes

    DELTA Plans Boeing 737-900ER Service on Seattle – Anchorage Market in S14


    US Airways Adds A330 Service on Charlotte – Boston Route from March 2014

    SpiceJet May – July 2014 Dubai Operation Changes

    Malaysia Airlines S14 Hong Kong Operation Changes as of 06JAN14

    Malindo Air Plans Kuala Lumpur Subang – Batam Service from mid-Jan 2014

    Arkia to Start Venice Service from mid-June 2014

    MegaMaldives Begins Boeing 737-800 Service to Hong Kong from Jan 2014

    Hong Kong Airlines Adds 4th Daily Beijing Service from late-Jan 2014

    Pakistan International Adds Multan – Jeddah / Madinah Service from Jan 2014

    Silk Air S14 Operation Changes as of 06JAN14: Planned Boeing 737-800 Routes

    China Southern Increases Urumqi – Istanbul Service in S14

    easyJet Ends London Southend – Edinburgh Service from mid-June 2014

    Air India to Start Boeing 787 Service to Shanghai from mid-Jan 2014


    Austrian Expands UNITED Codeshare Service via Newark from July 2014

    UNI Air Ends Scheduled Jet Operation on Taiwan Domestic Routes from Jan 2014

    BIMAN Bangladesh Airlines Adds DC10 Service to Kuala Lumpur in January 2014

    Cathay Pacific Paris CDG April 2014 Service Reductions

    Garuda Indonesia Adds New Jayapura / Merauke Service from late-Feb 2014

    Fiji Airways Resumes Suva – Sydney Service from May 2014

    Hawaiian Airlines Adds Kahului – Los Angeles Service from July 2014

    QATAR Airways Extends Boeing 787 Singapore Service to entire Summer 2014

    Air India Express Operation Changes from mid-Jan 2014

    WestJet Returns to Toronto – Myrtle Beach Service from March 2014

    InterCaribbean Airways Expands Operation from late-Jan 2014

    UNITED Resumes 2nd Daily Newark – Dublin Service June – August 2014

    AIRFRANCE S14 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 07JAN14

    airberlin Adds Dusseldorf – Calvi Service from April 2014

    Ethiopian Airlines Suspends Dammam Service Jan – Mar 2014


    Hereunder a summary of the Airline Industry & Travel News that we have Posted or Tweeted out to you in the last 7 days (from January 1 up until January 7).  This way if you missed a Post or Tweet don’t worry because hereunder is a recap.

    -Commercial aviation had a busy 2013. Watch AVIATION WEEK video highlighting the big events of the year

  9. -New Year’s Day 2014 marks 100 Years of Commercial Aviation
    -@silkair: Passengers given access to IFE on personal devices
    -How Lufthansa Recently Won a Lifetime Customer... story shared by  @jhvb159 The 17 Most Influential People in Travel of 2013 Story shared by @SITAonline Check out this awesome motorbike ride on the Runway at Manchester Airport
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    -Did you know? 45 midsize cars can fit on one wing of a Boeing 747-400 airplane! 
    -Plane Crash Lands in Saudi Holy City At least 29 people were injured
    -@airlinegossip: JFK Shut Down After Plane Skids Off Runway Packing Tips for Winter Travel – Ski, Snowshoe and other Adventures Story shared by @MalloryOnTravel
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    -Norwegian Air (@Fly_Norwegian) CEO To Discuss #Dreamliner Problems With #Boeing
    -@andiamotv: The enthusiasm of the @AirCanada inflight crew is very refreshing: … Weather Delays leave thousands of travelers stranded story shared by @NBCNewsTravel


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