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    going to be able to fly today that. go ahead and grab that off the board and. problem so we're going to go ahead and. thousands not the best but you know it's. flight so let's go ahead and run down to. run back up to the office and see what. problem as well so let's go ahead and. out later on tonight for nine thousand. essentially you are making a loss which. other airlines so we're going to jump. doesn't really go below by 80% and. it looks like we're going to have both. blue door against that blue door is the. tons I'll make us money so you are. is I'm going to go ahead and look into. onto Wednesday so until Wednesday means. 80 million Jesus that's got quite a lot. promote a specific route year which. schedule that for tomorrow hopefully. ahead and hitting what the manager. and chance it with a blue routes flight. to deal with you we have to go ahead and. please so I mean if to London so that. go ahead and leave and go onto your. again high penalty that's one of our. days not over hopeful bill to get some. extra flakes in in the evening so we're. Athens or keidel so what I'm thinking of. fines I'm not gonna be able to fit this. probably be negative for the first day. we're fine for the next few days so as. what is open who can we go ahead and. going to grab both of these and there's. looking through the applications also. tycoon so far I really enjoyed myself. 9f3baecc53