Transition Network Conference in Pictures

Direct from Seal-Hayne to you... thank you for your participation, your work and your care. See you at the next one!


  1. And we come to the end of the TN conference for 2015. What an amazing weekend. This little digital story reflects back on some of the photos of the last day of the event. Keep watching Facebook and Twitter for blog posts and add your own - lets keep on sharing our ideas, our work and our stories. Thanks so much for coming!
  2. We celebrate the closing...
  3. and we got to share our ideas and feelings...
  4. So many ideas and notes and concepts and new thoughts....
  5. and prepped for dancing!
  6. had a team huddle
  7. we carried more chairs..
  8. We were even represented by the important Rugby teams....:)..well some of them!
  9. We stopped wanting to carry chairs and found any available spot to sit and collaborate!
  10. ..and dance!