Trabasack Testimonial Tweets

Tremendous Trabasack Testimonial Tweets from our Terrific Trabasaxons!


  1. The Trabasack laptray can be worn in a number of inclusive and stylish ways - as a bumbag or wheelchair tray, to a backpack, messenger bag or briefcase.
  2. The Trabasack Curve Connect makes an ideal buggy tray or car seat tray. The Velcro-receptive tray surface allows you to attach all your little one's favourite toys and books without fear of them falling off or getting lost. The curved, ergonomic design fits safe and snug around their waist
  3. Trabasack Curve lapdesk bags are perfect for mounting switches, consoles and adapted controllers for a truly accessible gaming experience
  4. The soft bean bag insert inside each Trabasack lapdesk provides a comfortable experience for not only humans, but pets, too! ;)
  5. The Trabasack Mini makes the ideal study and school bag, especially for university settings and research time. The lightweight design and firm tray surface provide you with a work desk no matter your location
  6. The soft, cushioned design of the Trabasack Mini keeps all your expensive electronics and personal possessions safe and protected, whilst the sturdy ring pull zip design adds even further protection allowing you to secure your items inside with a padlock.
  7. The tray side of the Trabasack lap desk bag provides a firm and flat work surface, and the spacious internal compartment is ideal for keeping your everyday essentials such as keys, wallet and laptop - making the Trabasack lapdesk bag the ultimate work and commuter bag.