Thousands Seek Treatment at the CareNow LA Health Clinic

Thousands of Southern Californians are being treated at the LA Sports Arena as part of a free health clinic. Many are under-insured, seeking treatment for vision and dental issues not covered by their insurance. Here are some of their stories.

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  1. Patricia Hopkins was first in line. Listen:
  2. 5000 people are expected to attend the clinic which runs through Sunday. 

  3. CareNow Health Clinic LA
  4. More than 2 million people living in Los Angeles do not have health insurance.
  5. A young visitor to the health clinic
  6. Eva Duval says she couldn't afford COBRA and pay rent. "You gotta keep the lights on."
  7. Health workers hope to emphasize preventative care.

  8. Tim Green says that in this economy he's not surprised to have to be here.
  9. Dental care close up. "About 60 percent ask for dental care," said CareNow President Don Manelli.

  10. CareNow Health Clinic LA
  11. A birds eye view of the transformed Sports Arena.

  12. CareNow Health Clinic LA
  13. On Which Way, LA? KCRW producer Saul Gonzalez joined us to talk about the clinic. Listen to the full show here:

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