Toronto Zoo Attractions


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    What is the best attraction at a zoo? If you ask anyone it has to be the animals. The Toronto Zoo features many creatures all in habits designed to mimic their natural environment in nature. In Tundra Trek you will find many animals that call the harsh cold of the arctic their home. See the snow owl or snow goose, birds that populate the cold. We all know reindeer live in the Arctic Circle; Santa Claus uses them to fly his sleigh ever year. You will find reindeer at the zoo as well. What does the fox say? Find out for yourself when you see the arctic fox on display. Of course no Arctic environment would be complete without one of the most fearsome beasts of the tundra, the Polar bear.

    The zoo also features animals you may never want to encounter in the wild. There is an electric eel, capable of giving an unlucky swimmer a fatal shock. They have rattle snakes, which can cause fatal bites from venom stored in their veins. There are scorpions and even a giant bird eating spider! The zoo also has the poison dart frog. This amphibian’s skin is so dangerous to humans that native tribes in the rainforests use them to coat their arrows with the substance, making their weapons more dangerous. These creatures sound scary but you don’t have to worry, they are all locked behind display cases so that you can enjoy looking at them without worry about being bitten or attacked.

    We can’t forget about the classic animals that all zoos are known for. Gorillas, elephants, lions, tigers, and zebras are all on display for your enjoyment. The waterside theater area is the place to go if you enjoy flying animals. A host of birds call this area home from hawks, to falcons to owls. The zoo has more than just animals. There are rides and a kids zoo section offers children a chance to get close to the animals and interact with them. For those hot summer days you visit there is a water play area to cool you off. The zoo also features a variety of walking trails for your recreational enjoyment. When you are done visiting you may want to pick up a souvenir to remember your experience. Up to seven gift shops and kiosks are scattered across the zoo grounds with an assortment of gifts for you to purchase.


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