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Twitter lays blame in nurse's death after royal baby prank call

The Duchess of Cambridge was in hospital with acute morning sickness, when Australia radio DJs prank-called the hospital by posing as the queen and asking for Kate. The nurse who transferred the call was later found dead. The hospital did not confirm it was suicide. Who is to blame for her death?


  1. On Twitter and Facebook, it's not clear who is at fault for the death of this woman, Jacintha Saldanha. The King Edward VII Hospital in London has not confirmed it was a suicide, but the lack of exact details of her death haven't stopped people from debating online who is mostly to blame. 

    > Is it the DJs' fault for making the prank phone call, which brought much attention and ridicule?
    > Is it the media's fault for its widespread coverage of the royal baby news and the prank call?

    What do you think? Tweet to us @TorontoStar. Here's the story on the prank call:
  2. For some, the DJs are the bad guys and deserve to be fired.
  3.                These are the two Australian DJs who made the prank call.
  4.                Bonnie Fuller is the editor-in-chief of
  5. For others, the media is to blame.
  6.                Here, the media is lined up outside King Edward VII Hospital while Kate is inside.
  7. As the details surrounding the nurse's death unfold, other people aren't placing the blame on anyone in particular, saying there was no way to know what would happen after the prank call.