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Toronto vs. Chicago: Fight! Fight! Fight!

A story about Toronto having a larger population than Chicago quickly turned into a snarky battle on Twitter between a Chicago columnist and the Twitterverse. Toronto vs. Chicago. Humour vs. just plain mean. Here's what happened, blow by blow.


  1. First, this happened. Toronto officially became the fourth largest city in North America, taking the title from Chicago.
  2. Then, this happened. A Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg writes wryly on the news, saying that even comparing Toronto to Chicago is “an insult to our city.” His, not ours.
  3. We followed up with a piece of our own.
  4. Steinberg's column may have been tongue-in-cheek, but not everyone saw it that way. For example:
  5. Steinberg retweeted the Star's story about his column, and the discussion on Twitter started getting ugly, with Steinberg replying to many of the tweets. Here's a taste of some of the back-and-forth.