Toronto Star's relaunch of

The Toronto Star today debuts a new version of What do you think? Tweet us your thoughts @TorontoStar. Here's what readers and others in the media are saying about the new design so far.

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  1. Even Reddit got in on our new design, with users weighing in on whether or not they approve of the new look. Here's a sample. Tweet us your thoughts to @TorontoStar.

    "I've only skimmed the front page, but already I think it's a hundred times better than their old layout." (ticky13)

    "Doesn't look like the star." (bbbradk)
  2. Here's more of what our readers are saying today. What do you like best? Is there anything you wish was different?

    Your questions answered: Why did we get a new design? What are the differences? How do you use it? 
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  5. This is what some members of the media are saying about our new design: