Tom Clancy: Condolences shared on social media

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  1. News came out early Wednesday morning that bestselling author Tom Clancy had died at the age of 66.
  2. New York Times broke the news. 
  3. Fans were quick to share their condolences on Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Facebook. 
  4. Tom Clancy, author passes away at age 66. RIP. 
  5. RIP #TomClancy A great author, I spent a lot of my teen years reading his novels and playing game's inspired by his work. Condolences to his family and friends.
  6. Many declared Clancy to be their favourite writer.
  7. #TomClancy nooooooo!!!! You were one of my favorites #sadface
  8. RIP to one of the greatest authors to ever write novels.Mastermind at suspense & action. #RIP #TomClancy #Legend #GoneTooSoon #Great #Author
  9. His body of work didn't just touch the lives of readers. The prolific novelist produced at least 19 works of espionage and military science, many of which became hit movies and/or video games.
  10. #RIP #TomClancy one of the best and brilliant writers of our time, you'll be missed dearly #Novels #Movies #Videogames #Epicstories #textgram #tweetgram
  11. RIP Tom Clancy ....... The books and video games were amazing.... Thank you #tomclancy
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