UPDATED: Jack the Cat has been found!

After two months, Jack the Cat, was finally located at JFK Airport. Updates to our original post are at the top.


  1. From The New York Times' report on Jack's discovery, which came exactly two months to the day he went missing.

    "Jack the Cat did not patronize the duty-free shops. He was never spotted near any of the drinking establishments. And if he bothered to sample the food court fare, his emaciated condition would register as a scathing critique.

    But when the 5-year-old Norwegian forest cat, with long orange hair and copper eyes, fell through the ceiling in the customs area in Terminal 8 at Kennedy International Airport on Tuesday night, he achieved what was starting to seem impossible: giving this tale of a natural disaster, missing-pet posters and airline bureaucracy a happy ending.

    The quest to find Jack spanned 61 days, beginning Aug. 25, when his owner, Karen Pascoe, received a call before boarding her American Airlines flight to San Francisco notifying her that her cat had escaped from his carrying case during baggage processing.

    'I’m probably just going to bust out and cry,” Pascoe, 43, said of the impending reunion. “This has really hit a nerve for folks.' "

    Our original report is below:
  2. Jack The Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK's Photos - Profile Pictures | Facebook
    Jack The Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK's Photos - Profile Pictures | Facebook
  3. On Aug. 25,  Karen Pascoe and her cats, Jack and Barry, arrived at JFK airport. The three were off to California.

    An American Airlines staff member advised Pascoe Jack has gone missing in the inbound baggage claim area. A search turned up nothing.

    Pascoe got on her flight with Barry in tow. Nearly a week later, Jack has yet to be found. 

    "I have to say it was really slow-moving to get a response from American and I get that there"s a backdrop of a hurricane," Pascoe told a New York radio station. "My cat"s lost, I"m in shock, it"s a total nightmare and they don"t call me for a couple of days."

    The search for Jack has grown into the online world, with a Twitter account and Facebook page being set up for the missing feline. Both accounts list the most up-to-date information on the search for Jack.

  4. The public is also chiming in online. On Twitter, the hashtag #findjackthecat is being used to put pressure on the airline.

  5. Jack the Cat is Lost in AA Baggage Claim at JFK
  6. A joke Twitter account, @JackTheLostCat, was set up on Aug. 29. When Twitter users expressed outrage to the account, it fired back.

  7. And Jack supporters aren't the only one taking to social media, American Airlines has also been very vocal online about the lost kitty.