Teacher sick days are rising. Torontonians are not amused

Ontario school boards are scrambling to cover a record number of teachers taking time off, as they use sick days they no longer can bank until retirement. What do you think? While some sympathized, many others called teachers 'greedy.' What do you think?

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  2. Not everyone was surprised...
  3. A comment by "westender" in our story on thestar.com: "This was an expected situation. IF someone at the school board didn't think this would happen it just shows how dumb people can be."
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  5. The news is generating all sorts of comments. Here are a couple more from our story on thestar.com:
  6. From "michellematthews4": "Let's all take a step down from our high horses and think honestly, most of us try to use all of our vacation days and or sick days by the end of the year! I wouldn't say that is greedy at all, you are entitled to it as a part of your employment contract."

    From "RandomX": "Why is it that whenever the teachers are threatening to strike, the unions run an advertising campaign that tells us that the teachers give their heart and soul to teach our children, and yet, they'll drop that in a heartbeat to take a casual sick day. They know that sick days are a contingency, a generosity offered by the employer: if you get sick, don't worry, they'll cover your pay. To take them casually is technically an act of fraud. Thanks for the show of dedication, teachers."
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  8. There was also a mixed reaction to the news on Twitter:
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