Slightly disconcerting dispatches from Sochi

Journalists have kicked off their #Sochi2014 reporting with some funny and frantic accounts of unexpected plumbing discoveries and unfinished construction.

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  1. Sara Sjolin is a markets reporter at MarketWatch in London
  2. Kerry Gillespie is part of the Star team in #Sochi2014.
  3. Jonathan Blaine is a marketing expert based in Toronto and Washington, D.C.
  4. Tabatha Southey is a newspaper and magazine columnist based in Toronto.
  5. Bruce Arthur is a National Post sports columnist.
  6. Mark MacKinnon is a foreign correspondent for The Globe and Mail.
  7. Shaun Walker is the Moscow correspondent from the British newspaper The Guardian.
  8. Toilet humour is running rampant in #Sochi
  9. As athletes and media descended on Sochi, Russia for the Olympics #SochiProblems has begun to circulate along with a twitter address @Sochi_Problems: This will not end well
  10. Journalists had some of the funniest tweets, such as these from The Chicago Tribune's Stacy St. Clair.