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Shirtless jogger: the making of a legend

It was Rob Ford's first day back on the campaign trial today, and he faced some criticism along with his supporters. The most notable of these? An epic showdown with "an East York guy out for a jog."


  1. While Rob Ford marched alongside the East York Canada Day parade, he faced some of his old supporters, and a string of hecklers who jeered and booed the returning Mayor as he walked the parade route. Most of them were what you would expect - except for one man.
  2. The jogger, a man professing himself to be an East York local, out for a jog, was notably not wearing a shirt. He engaged in a brief, angry tirade directed at Ford.
  3. The event made him into perhaps the most famous random, shirtless jogger in the history of the city, and the jogger - later revealed in media reports as Joe Killoran - sparked a cult following.
  4. One common theme seemed to be thanking the new local hero.
  5. But there were some sober comments, as well.