Rob Ford reaction: ‘Intoxicated’ Toronto mayor asked to leave military ball

Ford's inner circle has urged the mayor to enter rehab over a pattern of alcohol abuse, apparent at several public events since he took office, according to a story in the Toronto Star. Sources say Ford was asked to leave the Garrison Ball because organizers were concerned he was impaired.

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  1. Read the Star's original story:
  2. Here's Rob Ford's reaction:
  3. There was mixed reaction in Toronto, ranging from the outraged, to the eye-rolling, to the non-believing.
  4. Some people just weren't impressed by the news:
  5. Others weren't impressed with the reporting:
  6. Toronto GTA, once again the bias, no credible Toronto star newspaper publish an alleged story from unknown source, a hearsy report attacking Toronto mayor Rob Ford. What a waste of journalism. Toronto star has no credibility at all.
  7. Some went straight to the jokes:
  8. Apparently Rob Ford the (mayor of Toronto) was tossed from a military ball for being too drunk. It's like bizzaro Cinderella. I wonder if he dropped his slipper.
  9. Don't forget the Rob Ford fans and supporters, like his brother, Counc. Doug Ford: