Reaction to Honest Ed's sale

Honest Ed’s, the Toronto retail landmark known for its dazzling outdoor signage and annual turkey giveaways, is up for sale. Online, fans of the discount retailer expressed dismay.

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  1. David Mirvish don't sell Toronto's history -- make more of it! Honest Ed's might not be what our city needs any more, but we certainly don't need more condos to ruin our little bit of honor. Ed Mirvish was an amazing man, and I would hate for his good work to rot away into completely corporate and commercial blasphemy. Though its a store that makes a profit just like any other, it was created for a GOOD CAUSE and so few nowadays are anything but selfless and worried about the good of the people of Toronto...
  2. Speculation about what could replace the landmark tended to favour condos or large retail chains.
  3. Save Honest Ed's! Don't sell out your father's legacy and a large part of Toronto's history. The late Ed Mirvish would roll over in his grave if he knew.
  4. A petition quickly started up. 
  5. Have you heard Honest Ed's is up for sale? Save this iconic shop by signing the petition here:  Please share, and lets save Honest Ed's together.
  6. Landmark Honest Ed's at Bathurst and Bloor is being shopped around. No official price but have heard the $100 million tag being talked about. When I was a kid, I spent countless hours in that store with the creaky floors with my Jamaican aunties as they scooped up bargain after bargain. While some people are afraid the site may end up being another condo building (me too), the Mirvish family has the right to sell it to whoever they want. Many years ago Ed had the foresight to buy what has become some of the best real estate in the city, positively contributing to the fabric of life in Toronto with Honest Ed's, Mirvish Village at Bathurst and Bloor and the King Entertainment strip with the Royal Alex, Princess of Wales Theatre and the former restaurants such as Ed's Warehouse. Ed Mirvish has left a great legacy, not only to this city, but to his family. 
  7. Said Mr. Lamb, about the Honest Ed’s site, “That thing is an eyesore.” Oh, Brad Lamb, I suspect you've made some new enemies today...
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  9. We asked readers on Twitter: what are your favourite Honest Ed's memories?
  10. Honest Ed's (covered with hilarious signs and tens of thousands of light bulbs that make it visible from space) is one of the defining Toronto landmarks. It's basically a five-and-dime on steroids, and its $.50 plates and $.33 ramen noodles are pretty much how I survived university and grad school. Ripping it down to build condos is a sign of the times, but it makes me sad. But ever since founder Ed Mirvish died, it's become more and more depressing and scummy inside, and it's pretty obvious that his sons want nothing to do with the business. Sigh.