Pope Francis I: The Twitter reaction, jokes, celebrity lookalikes

Did Woody Allen just get elected as the new pope? While many people happily welcomed the new pope with open arms, others spent the day poking fun at the new pontiff. Here's a roundup of reaction so far online.

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  1. Meet the new pope, Francis I. 
  2. He is the first South American and Jesuit pope. He was born Dec. 17, 1936, in Buenos Aires, one of five children of an Italian railway worker and wife.

    And he has already tweeted as the pope:
  3. Our live blog:
  4. So, what do you think so far? 
  5. Feelin' the love:
  6. And not so much:
  7. White smoke signalled there was officially a new pope.
  8. The Twitterverse had some fun with the new pope, asking people to #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithPope:
  9. It didn't take long before more jokes and Photoshopped pictures began to circulate.