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Parents, students vent about 4 a.m. ruling on teacher walkout

There was little sympathy for teachers on Twitter Friday as angry parents and students tweeted their frustration at finding out GTA schools were open after being told they would be closed for a teacher walkout. The walkout was ruled illegal at 4 a.m.


  1. Like the parent in the above photo, some rushed their kids off to school after schools became open. For some, that meant towing crying children upset about missing a day off.
  2. We asked how readers felt about all this. You answered. Here's some of your reaction tweeted directly to @TorontoStar

    Some parents were upset, but there was some sympathy for teachers:
  3. Anger. Frustration. Confusion. In general, many parents tweeted their displeasure at finding out so last minute about the walkout change.
  4.       ETFO president Sam Hammond, above, instructed teachers to go to work if their schools were open after their planned protest was deemed illegal.
  5. What about students and daycare workers?