Outrage after Boy Scout leaders topple ancient rock formation

The incident has sparked worldwide reaction.

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  1. In the video, three men tagged as Dave Hall, Glenn Taylor and Dylan Taylor, push over large rock boulders in Goblin Valley. 

    "Wiggle it, wiggle it," one says in encouragement. When the boulder topples over, much laughter erupts.

    Authorities are not amused and are considering charges.

    "It's all about saving lives, that's what it's all about," one of the males says in the video.
  2. Illegal activity? Men destroy rock formation in Goblin Valley, Utah
  3. Typifying the sense of outrage was this comment from Jove Dean on YouTube:

    "People from all over the World spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to see the rare beauty of the Goblin Valley rocks on the verge of collapse. If everyone started tipping them all over, there would be no Goblin Valley. These Boys, not Men have no respect for the park. They deserve to be punished."
  4. Here is a sampling of the strong reaction.
  5. People like this absolutely disgust me.
  6. This is just disgusting! People like this don't deserve to even visit or experience amazing locations like the Goblin Valley - Photographers travel the word to capture and showcase these amazing locations to the world, and these tools destroy in seconds what has taken mother nature 100's of years to create. Unbelievable.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYFD18BwmJ4#t=31 
  7. Check out this view of the Utah state park.