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Online reaction to Tories plan to target Justin Trudeau


  1. On Monday, a Star report told how leaked documents outlined a  Tory strategy for undermining Justin Trudeau at the Liberal convention.
  2. The following comments were posted on The Star's Facebook page.
  3. Great reporting, Star. Very instructive to see the backroom in action. Politics is a repulsive sport indeed and Steve plays it better than anyone. Georger Porgie
  4. No offence to drama teachers, but I wouldn't trust one with my money. Harper is the only one I truly trust with my hard earned money. Nancy-Lynne McLean
  5.  I would just like to see ALL politicians focus on what is best for Canada and Canadians and quit behaving like school-yard bullies. Linda Carlson Mossip
  6. It's politics as usual in the conservative world. It would be such a refreshing change of pace to see an election based on principles and policies instead of personalities. I will be immensely gratified if the Liberals stay to their game plan of positive politics.
    Margaret Osmond Woods
  7. We are starting to hear the supposiTORY hate ads attacking Justin's mature educated discussion about decriminalizing marijuana. It sounds like the Conservatives have become a "branch plant" of the American Tea Party and are assuming Canadians are very stupid! No wonder Trudeau's popularity is rising... Henry Kole
  8. Trudeau should be proud Harper is targeting him.... they must be really scared of him...badge of honor for Justin Trudeau. For Harper to spend so much time, money and energy going after him instead of focusing on fixing his party's woeful record is a clear indication of how pathetic the Reform party has become. Carlo Novati 
  9. I love how the Conservatives have been trying so hard to blacken Justin Trudeau's reputation with their almost childish campaign commercials and constant targeting. It's actually hilarious that they are going to such measures to "secure" themselves as the "better option". Harper and the PCs need to focus their attention on actually doing something right for our country for a change. Definitely not getting my vote in the next election
    Viki Misketis
  10. What is disheartening is the fact that while our tax dollars are now being spent telling us what an 'idiot' Trudeau is, Harper and his cronies are distracting us from their own sins of destroying environmental protection laws, selling out Canadian ownership of resources, silencing scientists, fake job creation propaganda on our airwaves and destroying support systems for our veterans, all while telling us that they care for us and have our best interests at stake. Oh right, and the electoral officer will be muzzled shortly so they can run elections their own way. Laura Webster Crawford